The entire opposition pressures Sánchez to “act now” in the face of price increases

The entire opposition has revolted this morning against Pedro Sanchez and its lack of urgent initiatives to alleviate the rise in prices for Spaniards. The head of the Executive has once again appealed to the need to make decisions this Friday in Brussels, jointly with European partners, before approving any measure, something that Moncloa has announced that it will do next Tuesday, the 29th. According to Cuca Gamarra (PP), the Government must “act now” because Spain “is in a collapse situation” and the president “doesn’t seem to notice.” According to Gabriel Ruffian(ERC), Sánchez has to be “useful” for citizens.

The solution proposed by each parliamentary group is very different. From the generalized tax cut proposed by the PP to the public control of the electricity companies that the Republicans have demanded “It is a moment of bifucation of the legislature. It will depend on how the Government answers the question Who is going to pay for this crisis?“, has raised Íñigo Errejonwhich has demanded measures so that large companies “tighten their belts”.

In his defence, Sánchez has said that Spain is living “an extraordinarily complex situation”, after having to deal with a pandemic, a volcano and now the war on Ukrainewhich has left “a flow of refugees” never seen in recent history. The president has assured that his government “is dialoguing” with the main sectors affected by the rise in prices and is working in Brussels, to solve “the common problem of energy”, and also in Madrid , with the round with the parliamentary groups that will end today.In addition, he highlighted his fluid communication with unions and employers.

“They are the government of ‘come back tomorrow’. It seems that they laugh at us,” denounced Bal (Cs)

The President of the Government considers that the PP has spent years trying to make believe that “the big problem” of all the ills of the Spanish is himself and the “great solution” was “Pablo Casado”. “Two years later, you guys get rid of the big fix [en referencia a la caída del líder del PP]. And I think that new only solution [Alberto Núñez Feijóo] It’s the same as the previous one”, he said to applause from his bench.

A “deaf” government

The spokesman for vox in Congress, Ivan Prickly of the Monteros, has accused the Government of being “deaf” and not listening to the citizens who have demonstrated in recent days. “People are having a really bad time. […] They are not finding out. We will not move forward until we leave you behind,” the ultra leader snapped at the first vice president, Nadia Calvino.

The criticism for the Government’s slowness in the face of the economic crisis has also been joined by the spokesman for citizens, Edmundo Bal, who has called Calviño’s inaccuracy “disappointing” when explaining what measures they will take to mitigate the consequences of the war. After listing the initiatives of other countries, the orange deputy has reproached that in Spain “nothing at all or worse than nothing”. “They are the government of ‘come back tomorrow’. It seems that they laugh at us,” he snapped.

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Together and the PDECat They also denounced this Tuesday that the Government has not implemented any measure in the face of rising prices. After meeting both groups with the Executive within the round of contacts to discuss the plan to be approved by the Council of Ministers next Tuesday, the spokespersons for both formations pointed out that the Government did not put any specifics on the table.

That round of Moncloa with the parliamentary groups will end this Wednesday morning with ERC, United We Can and the PSOE.

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