The emir of Dubai will have to pay 645 million euros for his divorce from Princess Haya

  • The judge assures the Prime Minister of the Emirates is “the main threat” to his ex-wife and their children

  • Lawyers for the daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan argued that she will need a large amount of money to ensure her safety.

Fifteen residences around the world, thoroughbred racehorses, 80 palace servants, a 450 million euro yacht, an entire room full of jewels and on one occasion the expense of 2.3 million euros in strawberries. The court battle in the divorce and custody of the children of the emir of Dubai and his ex-wife has exposed the obscene train of life of royalty in the Middle East. Mohammed sin Rashid al MaktumThe 73-year-old has made history in spite of himself in the English courts. Judge Philip Moor has ordered the payment of 550 million pounds (645 million euros) to his sixth wife, Princess Haya, and the couple’s two children, the highest sum ever set in a UK divorce case.

According to the ruling made public in the High Court of London, Haya, 47, daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan, will receive 295 million euros and her children, Jalila, 14, and Zayed, 9, will be They will benefit from continuous payments, with a bank guarantee of 340 million euros, to ensure their maintenance while they are minors and so that they can enjoy financial security when they are adults. The emir, who is vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, will also have to pay another 3.5 million for the education of children and 11 million more for delayed maintenance.

The sentence reveals that the princess allegedly paid 7.8 million euros four members of his security service who had threatened unveil the ‘affair’ of the emir’s wife with one of the bodyguard, Briton Russell Flowers. The adventure ended 16 years of marriage and led the princess to escape from Dubai. The money for the blackmailers came out of the accounts designated for the care of their children. “I was very scared and it was the only money available given the amount,” Haya had justified himself. Judge Moor acknowledges that there was “a clear and present risk” for the princess and the two minors and that “the main threat” was the emir. That danger, the magistrate acknowledges, will never end. “It is going to be a clear and present risk for the rest of her life, either from her ex-husband or from terrorists or from other threats faced by a princess of her position.”

Espionage and kidnapping

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In a previous ruling last October, the London high court had concluded that the emir authorized his agents to hack the mobile de Haya, who had escaped in May 2019 with her children to London, where she owns a house worth more than 100 million euros in the Kensington neighborhood. The agents also intercepted the mobile of Fiona Shackleton, the princess’s lawyer and one of the country’s most famous lawyers when a multi-million dollar divorce is involved. Shackleton represented Charles of England against Diana of Wales already Paul McCartney frente a Heather Mills.

The emir, with at least six wives and 30 children, is a great friend of the queen Isabel II, to which he is united by his love of horse racing. His reputation has been seriously damaged by having ordered, as confirmed by another British court, the kidnapping of his daughter Latifa, captured while fleeing on a yacht off the coast of India in 2017, and her sister Shamsa. The latter was abducted in 2000 in the English city of Cambridge. Both were returned to Dubai and held captive. Princess Haya knew about all this and feared that she and her children would suffer the same fate, and even feared for her life. His lawyers argued that he would need a formidable sum of money to permanently guarantee your safety The 24 hours of the day.

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