The elephant of Badalona, ​​by Montse Santolino

Finally, most of the chronicles about the political crisis in Badalona name the big elephant in the middle of the room. The one with the inequality. The one with the two Badalonas. That of the sea and that of the mountain. The one that lives well, and the one that survives in some of the worst neighborhoods in the country.

In Badalona there are too much poverty It’s been too long ago and when they haven’t treated you in social services because they are collapsed, and ten minutes from home, everything seems so easy, it hurts and is nerve-racking. The finest analyzes from Idescat say that Badalona has one of the ten poorest territorial units in the country (Sant Roc Oest, Plaça de Camarón de la Isla sector). It is only one of the 14 low-level census clusters or very low in the city. And close to this periphery of the periphery there are, however, 12 medium-high level groupings, and high. Sant Roc, Llefià, la Salut, el Gorg. The Albiol formula is about exploiting those hurtful income and opportunity differences, rather than fixing them. In riding on the territorial, urban and economic segregation of the country, on its great open wound.

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The Albiol formula is the street because management and bureaucracy are slow, ineffective and invisible, because it takes advantage of the modesty and laziness of a certain left, and because it was not he who established the political culture of “call me I’ll fix it for you”. The Albiol formula consists of surf on abandon and the errors of previous policies and politicians, and he is by no means the only mayor of the metropolitan area who repeats like a mantra that everything is the fault of the Generalitat and the lack of powers.

The instability of Badalona has long been a warning and a window through which to look out so many neighborhoods that are never on the political agenda. Citizens tried and imploded. But the far right he misses no opportunity to stick his head out at the flea markets. If no one reacts, the elephant will still be there in the 2023 elections.

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