The Elena Francis of the 21st century: Gwyneth Paltrow opens a sex office on Netflix

The woman who used up the candles scented to her vagina, at 75 dollars a unit, only to confess that it came to her as a joke “trying a tea with hallucinogenic mushrooms.” That he coined a euphemism worthy of the Royal House, “conscious decoupling”, to refer to his separation from Chris Martin. That seduced even Felipe when he was a prince. That outraged gynecologists around the world by recommending steam baths and infrared light to “cleanse the uterus.” Gwyneth Paltrow ‘Sex, Love & Goop’ premieres on Netflix: “There will be sex, it is a program about sex, we are going to talk about sex,” he makes clear from the trailer.

She was already looking forward to ‘The Goop Lab’, her first foray into Netflix: Gwyneth Paltrow He posed smiling in front of a representation of a vulva made with roses as a launch image. In ‘The Goop Lab’ sex was reduced to one chapter, the nonagenarian sex educator Betty Dodson blunt as to what to expect from his sessions: “Everybody cums.” The workers of Goop, the actress’s lifestyle portal, participated in the masturbation workshops of the legendary Dodson. As they did in other chapters of ‘The Goop Lab’ in which they experimented with psychedelic drugs or energy therapy, in an imitation of gonzo journalism.

In ‘Sex, Love & Goop’, the protagonists are not employees and sex encompasses everything. Gwyneth Paltrow investigates and seeks a remedy for the bedroom problems of an older married couple who have lived together all their lives, a young couple with children or two lesbians, among others. She is assisted by exotic specialists such as a somatic sexologist and a comprehensive eroticism ‘coach’. Where words do not reach, they are helped with an arsenal of gadgets designed for pleasure, among which there is what is presented as ‘Wolverine claws’. Each episode lends itself to opening debates – uncomfortable but necessary – between couples who are not going through their best moment. “If a single person changes his erotic life, it will have been worth it”, is the thesis.

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As is often the case with Paltrow, laughable as it may sound, it should be taken seriously. Goop, the portal that began in 2008 as a newsletter where the actress alternated advice on food, leisure and personal life, is today a giant of well-being and electronic commerce valued at 250 million dollars. In it the catalogs of vibrators and lubricants abound in recent times, under the umbrella of articles such as the ‘sex kit for beginners or Gwyneth on orgasms before going to bed and her sleep routine’.

The actress whose business call was raised as “I wanted to do something more in life than get involved on the screen with Matt Damon”, has proposed to be the new Elena Francis of Netflix. Gwyneth Paltrow aspires to fix our sex lives

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