The electrification of transport must be a priority, pleads Propulsion Québec

The cluster of electric and intelligent transport (TEI), Propulsion Québec, deplored on Wednesday the absence of a priority strategy dedicated to this industry in the Girard budget.

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Quebec had announced the day before $2.2 billion to increase the productivity of the economy with a bonus of $1 billion for the Plan for the implementation of the Plan for a green economy 2030.

Among the measures that could have an impact on the TEI ecosystem, some $293 million was released to continue supporting public transit, while $20 million was earmarked to support intercity bus transportation.

“It is essential that the government of François Legault stay the course on the development strategy decided in 2018 which focused on the sector with high economic potential that is electric and intelligent transport”, indicated in a press release Sarah Houde, president and CEO. of Propulsion Quebec.

The reduction of the incentives of the Roulez vert program is premature, believes the organization which pleads for a rapid and massive adaptation of electric vehicles, in addition to public transport.

The rebates in effect under this program have thus fallen, dropping from $8,000 to $7,000 for the purchase of a new electric vehicle and from $6,000 to $5,000 for a new plug-in hybrid car.

“It is essential that our government continue to make the electrification of Quebec’s transportation a priority if we wish to achieve our environmental objectives and create a greener and more prosperous Quebec,” added Houde.

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