The Electoral and Catalan Laws, by Josep Maria Fonalleras

40 years ago, pudiéndola tener, Catalonia does not have its own electoral legislation. There is a notable record that, of course, it also serves as an epiphany, sentence and summary of what has been Catalan politics since 1979, when the Statute was approved, and since 1980, when Pujol became president. And watel oasis catalán, que no era sino un specismis de interestes, no había manera (tampoco la hay ahora) de ponerse de acuerdo para establecer las reglas del juego. The electoral parties play their part, but accept it. Which remedy, if any has enough margin for discussion. Catalonia is a small country that can have a unique circulation, but also what we call “territory” (as if the rest did not run) suffers from a deficit of representation. But if the peripheral vote is rewarded, then there are suspicions and rumors that the suya and notables have been leveled between the accumulated votes and the scans that correspond.

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The electoral district (dynamite about everything by CiU, at the moment) is a pillar that touches on the quality of the democratic system. Ensure that there are mixed and automatic solutions. Tan seguro como que no quieren encontrarlas.

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