The Eagles of the UACH will be presented on the way to the 2021 ONEFA national championship

Next Friday, October 22 of this year at 6:00 p.m., we will have the long-awaited official presentation of the representative American Football team of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua Águilas UACH.

Before the local and national media, as well as the transmission on the official Facebook page of onefa and on the official Águilas UACH Football page.

The team has 73 players with an average age of 21 years, an average height of 1.82 and an average weight of 96 kg.

The team is made up of 26 veteran players, 47 rookies and 3 senior players, Alejandro Jiménez LB and Defensive Captain wearing the jersey with the number 3, Joshua Cruz LB with the number 25 and José López LO with the number 50.

The coaching staff is made up of the following personalities:

HC Javier Trevizo Fernández

CO Randall Mendoza Pérez

CD Abdul Pérez

WR Manolo Herrera

RB Carlos Chavez

QB Randall Mendoza

OL Ernesto Treviso

OL Erick Martinez

OL Emanuel Moreno

DL Hugo Maldonado

DL Eduardo Sanchez

LB Javier Trevizo

DB Abdul Pérez

Special Teams

Hector Lopez

Miguel Muela

Staff personnel; Jorge Moreno, Ernesto Rodríguez and Pedro Germán Zavala

Offensive players to watch; RB Francisco Villaseñor # 22 Offensive Captain,

RB Hugo Domínguez rookie # 24, QB Erick López # 11 and WR Eduardo Cortes # 23

Most of the rookie players are from the Cobach Warriors, Conadeip’s only two-time youth team.

Defenders to watch, Defenders Omar Escárcega DL # 99, Christian Mora DL # 40 rookie, Jorge Carrillo DL # 0 rookie, Alejandro Jiménez LB # 3, Rubén Muñoz LB # 8, René López CB # 32, Carlos Cortes CB # 18

Alex Jiménez LB, He was leader Tackler of Onefa and defensive player of the year, is Defensive Captain.

Francisco Villaseñor RB, was in the top 5 runners with more yards in 2019 and is an offensive captain.

After the change in the reins of the team, the Águilas de la Autonomous University of Chihuahua (UACH) They entered a transition stage, extremely complicated, but under the command of another legend of national American football, such as Javier Trevizo Fernández and under the support of Professor Hans Otthoniel Flores Porras Director of Sports Activities of the UACH, the North Volatile enlist to embark on the path that leads them back to the elite of student football in Mexico, now within the National Conference.

Javier Trevizo, who was a legendary linebacker with the Red Skins of Poli Guinda y Blanco, an outstanding student of HC Manuel Rodero Garduño, has held the reins of the purple and gold team since 2018, who as a team, with the Sports Activities Directorate in charge of the Professor Hans Otthoniel Flores Porras have promoted a new facet of the Eagles to take them to new heights.

The Covid-19 pandemic truncated the 2020 season, but for this year, militant in the National Conference, the Northern Volatile have confidence in regaining the prominence that characterized them for a good part of the past two decades.

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