The director of Conacyt leaves senators planted

Less than 24 hours after the working meeting with members of the Science and Technology Commission on the Chamber of Senatorsthe general director of National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt), Maria Elena Alvarez-Buylla, canceled his participation arguing that he had “issues scheduled in advance” and that it was “unfeasible to postpone”. Incidentally, the invitation was made to him on May 12 and he was also informed of both the date and the topics that would be discussed.

Although the letter addressed to Senator Jorge Carlos Ramirez Marinpresident of said Commission, is dated May 23, he and the senators only learned of the cancellation by the official on Tuesday, May 24 in the afternoon.

The fact caused annoyance and was taken as a lack of respect, even the legislators warned him that one way or another he will have to present himself and be held accountable. The president of the Senate Political Coordination Board, Ricardo Monreal, launched a “wake-up call”, as she warned that she cannot ignore her responsibility as a public servant. She recalled that public officials at any level are required to appear, so she called on her to pay attention to the calls, because “it is not convenient for Congress to be despised.”

She added that she will be summoned again, probably to appear, without being sent a list of topics, as she previously requested.

For his part, Ramírez Marín wanted to record the refusal at the Permanent Commission session: “I leave this record to point out, first of all, my rejection of the attitude of this official with the Senate of the Republic. And, secondly, to express my astonishment given the atmosphere of cordiality and work that has developed in this committee, which can guarantee, to the official in question, that it is exclusively a work meeting, I make clear the complaint and this feeling.” He added that the invitation was open and placed on the table.

Why do you request the presence of Álvarez-Buylla?

There are various issues that today make the director of the Conacyt has been summoned before the Legislative Power, but one of the main ones was since the community of Economic Research and Teaching Center (CIDE) approached the Senate to ask for his intercession after several disagreements, mainly the appointment, still not justified, of Jose Antonio Romero Tellaeche as director of said institution, a change from which a series of facts emerged that have not yet been justified, but which were supported by the head of Conacyt.

Prior to the meeting, now cancelled, the organization ProCienciaMx had sent to the Senate, an account of what, from the point of view, has happened in recent years with the science and technology ecosystem in the country. They also added four very specific questions, so that through the legislators they would be answered by the official, appealing to the fact that they are the representatives of the people.

Among their concerns they mention the new Science Technology and Innovation Law and the draft submitted by Conacyt to CONAMER, the financing and support for science and technology, the way in which the trusts, which generated their own resources for the institutions, were extinguished; the way in which the resources of Branch 38 are administered; the modification to statutes, regulations and evaluation criteria of the Conacyt and the National Research System (SNI), which include ignorance of the Scientific and Technological Consultative Forum and the modification of the object of the SNI at the regulatory level.

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