The director of a nursery in Madrid arrested for harassing children

The National Police have arrested the director of a daycare center in Fuenlabrada (Madrid) who is accused of harassing children, proffering insults or forcing them to eat food if they spit or vomit it.

The investigation began as a result of an anonymous complaint received by the Anar Foundation whose leaders put the case in the hands of the Family and Women’s Care Unit (UFAM) of the National Police.

From that moment the agents focused on the nursery, which is called Geniuses in diapers, located in the Calle de los Claveles de Fuenlabrada, as Telemadrid has advanced and police sources have confirmed to Efe.

The complaint stated that the director, at the dining room time, he forced the children to eat the food, uttering insults, some of them racist.

Also that I covered their noses and mouths to swallow, putting water in their mouths and if they spit or vomited the food they had to swallow it again.

With the progress of the investigations, this woman, 51-year-old Spanish, was arrested on October 29 for an alleged crime against moral integrity.

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Researchers are analyzing audio recordings where these would be heard. bad habits and it is investigated if there was any other type of abuse.

The detainee, who was released under investigation after being brought to justice, has defended in statements to Efe her innocence, but has not wanted to add more demonstrations since the matter is judicialized.

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