The dignity of the victims contains the exaltation of Parot

Regardless of what happens today in the Basque Country and Navarra, the resignation to celebrate in Mondragón a long march of 31 kilometers in tribute to Henri Parot (as many kilometers as he has been in prison for his crimes) is a material and symbolic victory for the victims of terrorism over their executioners.

It is cause for celebration that the march to exalt the most bloodthirsty terrorist of the gang disappears due to the pressure of the associations, willing to raise their voices before the notorious discretion of the Governments and the operational inability of the National Court. It is not, however, to be replaced by a statement to the media and a series of concentrations in the two regions under the slogan Against life sentences, human rights.

A skillful move by the organizers of the event that, however, reveals a bleak reality. That there is still part of Basque society that celebrates the barbarism of ETA terrorism, and that the State is tied hand and foot to prevent acts that, with greater or lesser impudence, with the appearance of welcome or not, they extol terrorism and humiliate the victims.

Dignity of the victims

It is encouraging that the pride and honor of the victims has been able to slow down the momentum of Henri Parot’s admirers, on which a sentence that is far from being perpetual weighs. As the teacher explains Pedro Chacon In a platform that we publish today in this newspaper, few ETA members have seen his case reviewed like him. And, of course, 39 years of sentence does not seem disproportionate for a man who has claimed the same number of deaths.

Precisely because of these murders, political representatives and associations in Vitoria met yesterday in an institutional act. Together they left a photograph that reflects the pain and dignity of the victims with the reading of the 39 names and the offering of a white rose for each of them.

There is no doubt that these types of tributes, like those scheduled for today in cities such as Madrid, San Sebastián or Zaragoza, are the ones that should spread throughout the country. And not those that the Parot sympathizers encourage, nothing new in the Basque Country, on the other hand. A reality that leaves a sad message and a quick question: Would such a vindication in New York be imaginable, on account of 9/11 and in defense of the Al Qaeda terrorists?

Lack of support

At the same time, it is impossible to ignore the inaction of Moncloa and paradoxical that the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, who characterized himself as a judge for the relentless fight against terrorism, is now so weak with these acts.

The ten years since the end of ETA’s armed activity does not justify this abandonment to the victims, who they feel further away from this government than from any previous one. Nor the parliamentary arithmetic that allows the PSOE to remain in government.

That a priori not appearing the name of Parot in the demonstrations is a triumph, no doubt. But this achievement forces Moncloa to take note, which must put an end to these ceremonies of shame through legislation and not leave the containment of ETA cruelty in the hands of the victims.

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