The difficult endeavor of Yolanda Díaz, by Rosa Paz

Yolanda Diaz says that next summer the listening process will begin which will take him to travel in his own car, and without the support of any party, all the points of the State for from that experience, similar, by the way, to the one undertaken a few years ago by Pedro Sánchez to reconquer the leadership of the PSOE, launch his political project and his candidacy for the next general elections. It seems more than evident that the Minister of Labor and second vice president is not going to have an easy time. For listening you will surely have no problem, the worst thing will be trying to bring together groups as similar as they are antagonistic to each other on a single platform. All you have to do is listen to the puyas that Pablo Iglesias lately throws at him, what was the one who digitally nominated Díaz to lead the electoral list of the formations to the left of the PSOE, to realize the tense relations that the vice president maintains with United We Can, for whose quota she participates in the Government and that she continues to be, despite its decline the main party in that sector.

The former leader of Podemos has directly accused Díaz of being she who imposed the name of Inmaculada Nieto as the candidate of that Andalusian alliance of six parties, which was so difficult to achieve, among other things because the purples were betting on their own candidate, and that left Podemos out of the coalition registry (they arrived at the window when the term had already finished) and now it poses problems for the distribution of electoral subsidies. Iglesias, in this case yes, defends that primaries should have been held. The gestation of the Andalusian coalition, which does not represent the entire post-socialist left either, since Adelante Andalucía does not participate in the pact, the party of Teresa Rodríguez and Kitxi González, has been a pernicious example that harms the expectations of those groups, but it has also been a wake-up call for Díaz, who has been able to glimpse what awaits him when he tries to join in a single candidacy for all the leftist formations so opposed by nuances —or by egos— that sometimes only they understand and that escape the citizen’s comprehension.

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Iglesias seems to be bothered that the attitude of the vice president in the Government is one of public loyalty to Sánchez and not openly hostile to the socialists, unlike what he did when he was vice president or what the minister and general secretary of United We Can do, Ione Belarra, or the parliamentary spokespersons of his party. Because that way of being of Díaz, in addition to the successes of his management at the head of the Ministry of Labour, it highlights the contradiction of the podemistas, who make opposition from within the Government for the most diverse causes. A conduct that, given their latest electoral results and demographic predictions, neither benefits them nor the Executive as a whole, which, in the midst of so much noise, is unable to vindicate the positive aspects of its management, that there are, there are also.

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