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The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) constantly reminds on all possible platforms the importance of driving safely, without distractions that may hinder driving skills or endanger the lives of other users. In the face of reckless behavior, Traffic it will toughen certain sanctions as of September if Congress votes in favor of the reform of the Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety. Thus, the DGT will make the use of mobile phone at the wheel, try to evade radars or the use of a helmet in electric skates.

In this new reform of Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety, the most striking fine is for not turning off the vehicle’s engine when the car is stopped, being considered a minor infraction with 100 euros.

The update of the reform around the new Sustainable Mobility Ordinance, establishes as an offense stopping the vehicle or parking, without turning off the engine. This is indicated by the Article 10: “Those who drive must turn off the engine from the beginning of the parking lot, even when they remain inside the vehicle.” Failure to comply with it will be considered a minor infraction and will be sanctioned with a fine of up to 100 euros.

Certain vehicles are exceptionally excluded from this obligation: those that have category 0 emissions of environmental classification, those intended for leisure-health provision and those for public transport.

Double-parked vehicle

The regulations do not include short stops due to traffic lights or traffic jams, but it does include those for drivers who leave the vehicle in double file to pick up someone, regardless of whether they are inside or outside of it.

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In the project of this reform, a margin of two minutes is given to compensate for the wear that the starter motor would suffer due to repeated use. And normally a stop of more than one minute is worth turning off the engine.

Other reforms

This new law will aggravate the penalties for risky behaviors such as the use mobile phone at the wheel, increasing from 3 to 6 points to be detracted for driving while holding the mobile phone with the hand, keeping the fine in 200 euros. If the driver is only holding it but not using it, only 3 points will be removed from the license.

Another highly relevant issue that the DGT has decided to reinforce is speeding. For this control, Traffic has deployed its entire surveillance arsenal, as well as a regulatory framework and a scale of sanctions. Given these measures, some drivers try evade radars and deceive the authorities, for that reason they will be sanctioned with the retraction of 3 points card and 500 euros a lot.

Speed ​​cameras

This sanction refers to the use of inhibitors, being illegal to carry them and the use of radar detectors.

An essential element when driving a personal vehicle is the helmet, to avoid serious and even fatal injuries in the event of an accident. The most current means of transport that has been incorporated into society just a few years ago is the electric scooter. That is why the General Directorate of Traffic addresses the helmet mandatory, as well as always carry a scooter certificate with you.

The last reform until then has been the elimination of the 20 km / h margin that the DGT allowed to overtake on conventional roads. He advocates this removal to maintain consistency of speed limits. The fine will be 100 euros and does not involve retraction of points.

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