The detective who refused to investigate Ayuso: “It was illegal. Make him look at it”

the private eye Julio Gutiez has gone in just a few days from being a true unknown to enjoying unsought fame, similar to what happened to the PP deputy Alberto Casero after his mistake in voting for the Labor Reform Law. The publication of the alleged espionage to which the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, would have been subjected, by order of Génova, 13, -something that the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has denied-, has surprised the owner of Mira detective agency recently arrived in Colombia, a country to which he went for a professional assignment.

The Newspaper of Spain has managed to contact Gutiez by telephone, who has lamented the effects that this matter has already had on his work: “Being here in Colombia I have had to give explanations to some clients who come with me, because they think they are coming with a criminal“, has explained.

“Tell me what have I done?”, the detective later asked himself, continuing with his account of some events that have split the PP in two: “Some people come to hire me and I reject ittell me what i’ve done? What have I done wrong? What illegal issue have I committed? well that that they make Casado and Ayuso look at it, and their peopleand decide what they are doing with each other, nothing more”.

“It wasn’t legal”

For this businessman, the real news is that “those from the PP are fighting”, and not that he refused the task: “They came to order me a job and I rejected the matter because professionally I considered it to be an illegal topic“, Gutiez has completed, who has highlighted that he has been working as a detective for more than 35 years.

Precisely, the name of Julio Gutiez already appeared in a report prepared on February 9, 2016 by agents of the Central Operative Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard, whose content was advanced by infoLibre. In a conversation recorded by the Judicial Police, the alleged ringleader of the uncovered plot with the Punic Operation, Francisco Granados, alluded to a return of “books” and “chocolates.” For the UCO, everything seemed to indicate that it was money, and that an intermediary had withheld funds that would have to be delivered “to a third party.”

“I remember that on some occasion Pedro Núñez Morgades [fue delegado del Gobierno en la Comunidad de Madrid entre los años 1996-2000] He contacted me to sit down and talk with Paco Granados. They wanted me to investigate a line there about Ignacio Gonzalez In Panama. And what they talk about books must be some conversation they have about some payment they have to make to me,” Gutiez explained.

This detective, who He was not charged in the caso Punic nor in Lezo explains that his name appears in the report of the Civil Guard in relation to a follow-up he made to the former president of the Community of Madrid Ignacio González: “I intervene in an investigation into Ignacio González with the issue of Canal de Isabel II here in Colombia. And at some point, sometime, the UCO contacted me, which was later the one that practically arrested Ignacio González.”

“I did not charge”

However, as in the case of Ayuso, Gutiez defends that didn’t get to do the job: “I told him at first [a Granados]: I look at it, I see if there are possibilities of some story, because I had done the whole Ignacio González theme, and nothing of Panama sounded familiar to me. […] And I told him, I’ll look at it and if there is something, well, you can investigate it and it will be worth as much, but in the end I did not charge because there was nothing“.

“Someone close to the PP, because he was also in this story, told me that this must be a fool: someone should have warned Morgades, because later they talked about books with Paco Granados. That’s what I know and what they told me. The books were money and the payment referred to the amounts for which they were going to hire me. But since there was no line of investigation there, I did not charge anything at all,” concluded this detective, who is one of the most sought-after characters by the press in Spain after the crisis between Ayuso and Casado broke out.

Married denies it

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From Genoa, they continue to deny that they have contacted detectives to investigate the Madrid president. This Friday, Casado directly accused Ayuso of having created a “montage”, in reference to the alleged “espionage” against him, and now lengthening it with detective audios so as not to talk about the suspicions about the commission that his brother has received.

The leader of the PP assured emphatically that the formation has “never” hired a detective to investigate the president of Madrid, information that, he reiterated, is “absolutely false”.

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