The detainee for killing his partner in Cádiz had complaints of sexist violence from two other women

The woman murdered this Sunday in San Roque (Cádiz) had not filed any complaint against her ex-partner, the man arrested as the alleged perpetrator, although he had been reported by two other previous couples for sexist violence, as sources of the investigation have indicated to EFE.

The victim had denounced two other previous couples for gender violence, according to the same sources, who have reported that the alleged murderer is still in police stations waiting to go to court tomorrow.

María Isabel M .M., The victim, had separated at least two months ago from his alleged murderer, and since he had not filed any complaint against him, he was not included in the Comprehensive Monitoring System for Gender Violence (VioGen).

However, he had denounced two of his ex-partners and the parents of his three children for sexist attacks, although both were inactive after having prescribed due to the time that had elapsed.

The alleged murderer had been denounced twice for sexist attacks by other ex-partners in 2014 and in 2017, complaints that were also already inactive after prescribing.

“He must have been expecting her”

According to sources in the investigation, María Isabel was approached by her ex-partner when she was returning home after spending the whole day outside. “He must have been expecting her,” the sources indicate.

At that time, her two youngest daughters, ages 7 and 8, were with their father, and her oldest son, a 16-year-old boy, with his.

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The event took place early Sunday morning at the home of the La Alcaidesa de San Roque urbanization where the deceased resided.

The Civil Guard arrested the alleged perpetrator when he tried to jump into the void from a high floor of a hospital in the neighboring town of Los Barrios, after being alerted by the wife of the detainee’s brother, whom he called to confess what happened.

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