The descent

Given the accumulation of bad news, I no longer know where to start. Surely my grandmother would say what we are experiencing is “the end of time” and there are times, like this, where I almost agree with her.

I want to declare that I am not a pessimist, nor do I suffer from clinical depression, just as the reality is terrible and I have no choice but to admit it.

Let’s start with the situation we’re experiencing with regard to COVID-19. The Pan American Health Organization tells us today that cases in Mexico tripled in less than a week. It also reports that although a downward trend is beginning in the United States, in a good portion of the southern states of our country infections are tripling, i.e. wildlife. I’ve added additional information on what’s happening here in our CDMX: 54% of businesses have reported infections and absenteeism is estimated at around 30%.

This raw data has nothing to do with what has been declared in the wrong name Health Pulse by López Gatell, who insists, like the president, to repeat to us over and over that we are doing very well and that we (for the umpteenth time) )) output. The problem is frightening and nothing is being done to prevent infection. The traffic light does not matter if it is yellow, green, red or black, no measures are taken, no support is given or anything. Do it as you can or as you wish, the Government tells us. To put it bluntly, López Obrador says that “there is no support for vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 11 against the virus” and that he has that information from those responsible for the health sector. Anyway…. We descend.

Another of the extremely worrying issues for everyone, and especially for our journalists, is the violence unleashed against this union. So far this year alone, three colleagues who practice their profession have been horribly killed in Mexico. As if that were not enough, the president a few hours ago and after protests and protests across the republic did not mention the issue or explicitly acknowledge the seriousness of the situation. Furthermore, today we heard about the car chase and shooting attack against another of us: José Ignacio Santiago Martínez, a journalist from Oaxaca. What is happening in our country? The state must act, 28 informants killed in the current six-year term, let us urgently demand that the state and federal authorities fulfill their obligation to guarantee the safety of all Mexicans and protect journalists who literally risk their lives for freedom of expression to defend. . What are they waiting for? Finally … the downhill.

And I can not fail to mention in this bitter report of disasters the very difficult situation facing the academic and scientific world today. Mrs Álvarez Bullya reforms the general status of CIDE in a dark and harsh maneuver and again attacks the autonomy of this educational institution. The goal for the pathetic director of CONACYT is to move, fire or lease and amend the regulations of this study center without any respect for legal proceedings or, more seriously, any respect for academic freedom. Of course, with this operation, the CIDE board of directors loses the power to formalize or decide appointments, such as the general manager (read Tallaeche). More clear?

No comment. Clearly we are descending and every day, in hell, we can descend another circle.

Tere Vale


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Psychologist, manager, author, commentator for Grupo Formula.

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