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The Government Delegation in Madrid has received and authorized “some” requests from feminist organizations to demonstrate for International Women’s Day (8-M) for being concentrations of less than 500 people that “maintain the required parameters“in the health situation.

In an interview in Madrid wave, the Government delegate in Madrid, José Manuel Franco, has indicated that they have already received “some” request for a demonstration for March 8, all of them from feminist organizations, and that “for the moment” no request has come from political parties or from “specific relevant persons.”

“Those we have received so far have not been banned because they maintain the required parameters right now in this pandemic situation” regarding the measures “who agree to adopt”, such as social distance, “and also, most importantly, are demonstrations of less than 500 people”, has explained.

The Ministry of Health, as recalled by the delegate, advises against concentrations of more than 500 people.

“We are strictly following that recommendation” because “we have to comply with the rules” and because “we have to help preserve the health of the people of Madrid”, he added.

“What we are going to do for those organizations that intend to bring more (than 500) people on March 8, we are going to talk with them, ask them to reflect, to look for other ways to demonstrate,” said the Government delegate , what do you expect “Search among all alternative formulas so that this just claim on March 8 does not imply an attack, in quotation marks, against health”.

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About, has ensured that there will not be a massive concentration like that of 8M 2020, of which he “does not regret” having authorized because “there was no objective reason” to prohibit it and to have done so would have been “to prevaricate”.

“I am satisfied to have done what was done at that time,” said Franco, who acknowledges that it could have caused “some extra contagion.”

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