The decree of the mascarillas salvará gracias un ardid del Gobierno a favor de los pensioners

Si se puede hacer, se hace. This can be the maximum that the Gobierno has to include in the decree that establishes the mandatory use of mascarillas in las calles a medida in favor of them pensioners with lesser power of acquisition.

And yes, all the groups that pusieron in duda the decree of the mascarillas meet now conditioners because, as one of the parliamentarians he informed the El Periódico de España, “it can be a help to the people who need it”.

The decree, for its part, will be validated in the Congress next March, at the very end of the day on the occasion of the Constitution, salvo mayo surprise. And it will be thanks to a controversial controversy. “Trampa”, says a source. “Chantaje”, dice otra. “Qué cara más dura”, zanja una tercera. The inconvenience is notorious. If you want to have some fire between the Government and its societies.

Labor reform

Días complicados en la Cámara Baja, y eso que no empezado el periodo session. Enero, my incompetent, ha sido tumultuos por culpa de la labor reform. The negotiation in the circles that has taken place the Gobierno, a very conduct of the Socialist parliamentary parliamentarian, Hector Gómez, and another, the priority, both the Yolanda Díaz, has been sober that the decree was approved by the Council of Ministers. The decree is in forcesí, pero com el el Congreso lo derogue, dejará de starla.

This explains the importance of dicha negotiation. This is one of the legislative hits planned by the Coalition Governor. Díaz ha intentando atar los support with the habitual allies, from the ERC to Teruel Existe, and yet it seems that it will not be possible to log on to it either because it is not based on Esquerra or EH Bildu, just like the PNV. Gómez has polled all the minority parties in Cs, and in general terms, the answer is that no van a entorpecer la medida ni, por consiguiente, impedirla.

The spokesman for the Liberals, Edmundo Bal, has unveiled his remarks at the congress that last March took place with the President of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, al which transmits the disposition of its party to always respect the decree and when it is not even a single coma of the content. Much less if it comes as one of the allies that form the formation of Ines Arrimadas and that his, vaya, those pretending to be Diaz. Always following the version of Bal, expelled in press release, the minister compromised during the week that came. His remarks resonated in the Chamber when, however, the Minister of Labor proclaimed that Ciudadanos should not say anything.

The Congress will ratify or derogate from the Decree of Labor Reform on February 3. Two days before, they would validate or derogate from the mascarillas, approved the 23rd of December passed after a Conference of Presidents. Pedro Sánchez advances the idea that many more homologous pedophiles, by contrast, have been challenged and rejected by the citizens in social speeches and by political parties. As soon as the Constitutional Square of 30 days is reached for parliamentary approval, the decree will be put to a debate.

UPN, clave

The Presidency of the Congregation has a variety of parliamentary committees to work with in the future, which is precluded by the regular session. The most frenetic workload was on Héctor Gómez’s phone, without embarrassment, because he was called all the porters to probe his condition and predisposition. Last week’s finals, read a conclusion: if ERC, PNV and EH Bildu are decided by the “no”, all will depend on the two UPN representatives.

Pero also had aunts about the decree of the mascarillas because when he joined the Congress, in the finals of this year, the socialist group only iba a costar sacarlo adelante. With the passing of the semesters I tried that the situation was more asphalted than that created by the first final disposition.

The precept included in the decree, of two parishes, modifies the law of the Presupuestos Generales of the State of 2021, the year that is in place, for a complement the people who cover the poorest pensions (contributors, of the Vejez e Invalidez and Disability Compulsory Insurance) and the performance of the Social Security for those with a load of disability. The complement differs from the difference between the cobra in 2021 and that hubiera corresponds to haberse applied the decrements decreed the year before. Until the 1st of April of 2022 these estates will / are permitted if the decree is valid.

There are some paraffins that have nothing to do with the use of mascarillas in exteriors he generated malestar entre varios aliados. No matter what the resolution of the Congress, reconciling all sources, it is clear that the positions of various groups are not defined. ERC and PNV prefieren to hope for the same March that comes across the country to take a decision. Catalan training recognizes that complementing retirees and fathers with disabilities is a way to study with detention. The vasco group, fiel a su costumbre, has not made public the vote until the debate is celebrated.

The parliamentarians are consulted and by their support, or even less, their abstentions. Catalan independentists and the nationalist nationalists have just joined EH Bildu, BNG, Más País, Coalition Canaria, Compromis, Nueva Canarias or PRC, but because they have their say, because they have less than less to vote for. in contra. Sí lo harán PP, Vox and Cs, each with a series of motive proposals. The popular ones reproached that no one could convince the most knowledgeable informants that abogaron by the idiocy of the mascarillas in exteriors. In Cs, in addition to this reason, the procedure and the procedure used are explained.

Joan Baldoví, in statements to this media, has stated the text of “decree ‘collage’ and has advanced that during the plenary session of March that will be reproached to the Executive this legislative technique, even if the censorship when the pusieron in practice the governors of Mariano Rajoy.

“Decree ‘collage'” is a tacharlo form, but other sources he used different, and not very amiable exactly. It is legal to point out, however, in questionable political terms, and that at the end the meaning of the vote is distorted. According to one of the consulted cargoes, the decree of the mascarillas has a reason to presumably seek medical treatment if it is adopted “against the criteria of the sanitary experts”. If so, your party has voted against it. However, in addition to legislative proposals regarding ambiguities and dispersions, “tapa la chapuza”, and peor aún: lo hace “escondiéndola bajo una medida social”, según sentencia.

Churches are the same

The update of the contributory pensions, mentioned earlier, is one of these social media, but the decree contains more: by a lad, the compatibility of the jubilee pension of health care professionals which are contracted to lie against the covid with the remuneration which is permitted by them; on the other hand, the exceptional contract of sanitary professionals with Titles shipped to countries without members of the UE. Tampoco tienen que ver con la obligatoriedad de las mascarillas, si bien es cierto que afectan a la panoplia de medidas puestas en marcha por el Gobierno para hacer frente a la pandemia, en concreto a la sexta ola de ómicron.

All of these dispositions have been used in allied formations to elucidate the need to pay attention to the numbers, and including discrepancies, that they create. The decree will, effectively, make it malicious.

A malestar concerning what, with matices, has been pronounced the Constitutional Tribunal. The month of May canceled the date of a decree approving the pandemic, in March 2020. Entries, the Gobierno included a final disposition to recompense the follow-up committee of the CNI management. Pablo Iglesias, Vice-President for the time being, was appointed, along with El, President of the Presidency, Ivan Redondo. Vox lo recurrió y ganó.

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Incident in the clave aspect. The Constitution marks the use of the decree-law in the “extraordinary and urgent necessity” of the media. To revise the decree, the magistrates will not find the extraordinary and urgent necessity to restructure the CNI’s commission by no lad, as if canceling the precept. De paso, advirtió al Gobierno sober el uso del decreto.

It is not comparable with the norm regarding mascarillas, and that the update of pensions, by a temporary question, is more than justified. It is not the constitutionality that is under discussion, but the order, the mix of supporters and the consignee vote transfer.

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