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The death toll in West German floods has risen in the last hours to 156, while the danger of overflows grows in the east and south of the country.
The German authorities notified this new balance of victims, which corresponds mainly to the “Land” of Rhineland Palatinate, with a total of 110 deaths in the Ahrweiler region, between the cities of Koblenz Y Colonia.
It is one of the high points of these floods, due to the overflow of the river Ahr, a tributary of the Rhine.
While in the neighboring “Land” of North Rhine-Westphalia the debris removal and reinforcement of levees, in the affected areas of Rhineland Palatinate, the alert is maintained and some basic services, electricity and drinking water supply, continue to be cut off.
Chancellor’s visit is expected in Rhineland Palatinate this Sunday Angela Merkel, who will meet with the head of the regional government, the social democrat Malu Dreyer.

It is the second high-ranking visit to the regions hit by the floods, after the one made yesterday by the country’s president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, to North Rhine-Westphalia, where he met with the regional prime minister and candidate for the German Chancellery, the conservative Armin Laschet.
In that meeting, a complex situation occurred for Laschet, which the images captured laughing and joking with a group of volunteers while the president expressed his dismay. The images went viral on the networks, which was followed by an apology from Laschet, via his Twitter account, admitting the “incorrectness” of his behavior.

300 million

Merkel’s Council of Ministers will foreseeably address a special package next Wednesday that includes both direct aid to those affected and the reconstruction of ruined infrastructures in the region.
The Minister of Finance, Olaf Scholz, a Social Democratic candidate for the Chancellery, has advanced to the media that no resources will be spared. An amount of at least 300 million in direct aid to the victims, who will begin to activate this July.
So far there is no even rough assessment of the amount of damages. In the 2013 floods, less dramatic but which affected eight of the 16 “Länder” in the country, the Executive approved a special package of 8,000 million euros.

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Saxony and Bavaria

The pressure of the floods has subsided in western Germany, where since yesterday there has been no significant rainfall. In contrast, the situation has become more tense in Saxony -east- and Bavaria -south-, where the first overflows have occurred after days of persistent rains.
In several areas a state of alarm has been decreed and the residents have been evacuated. A first fatality has been reported in a town in Upper Bavaria.

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