The death of Pinochet’s widow gets into the electoral campaign

Santiago. What was missing, a death creeps into the campaign.

Lucia Hiriart, widow of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, died yesterday afternoon, December 16, at the age of 98 at the residence where she lived with all her children and grandchildren, her family confirmed.

Chile will choose next Sunday between two opposing views of the country: that of the leftist deputy Gabriel Boric, who proposes a State that guarantees basic universal rights, and the far-right lawyer José Antonio Kast, who seeks to restore order without touching the model of freedom. market and is nostalgic for Pinochet.

Kast and Boric appear tied in voting preferences for the presidential ballot, according to a poll.

Kast, who obtained the partial majority in the first round of November 21, has 48.5% of the preferences compared to Boric, which appears with 48.4%, according to a survey carried out by the consulting firm Atlas Intel on a sample of 2,218 cases .

The demand for a change in the political, economic and social course has mobilized Chileans, particularly since the social revolt of October 2019. Since then the slogan was installed “it was not 30 pesos, it was 30 years”, referring to the fact that it was not it was the increase in subway fares that triggered the protests, if not the three decades in which social inequality has increased hand in hand with economic growth.

Half of Chilean voters say they are undecided regarding the ballot, practically the same percentage (53%) of people who did not exercise their right to vote in the first round, voluntary since 2012. Pollsters struggled to decipher the motivations that will decide the vote. vote in their own polls.

Death in a day of reflection

In a brief statement to the press, Lucía Hiriart’s youngest son, Marco Antonio Pinochet, reported that: “We regret to announce the sensitive death of our beloved mother, Lucía Hiriart de Pinochet,” the former dictator who ruled Chile with an iron hand between 1973 and 1990, leaving a balance of more than 3,200 dead and missing.

Immediately after the death was known in the media, motorists began to honk the horns of their vehicles, as a way of celebrating an event that had been expected for years.

Hundreds of people gathered in the central Plaza Italia in Santiago, also celebrating the death of the ex-dictator’s widow.

On Twitter there is a parody account called “Did the old woman die?”, With 54,000 followers and that reported daily on Lucía Hiriart’s condition, today she only published a “Yes”, which was shared by more than 23,000 users.

The ghost of the military right came upon him, due to the death of the widow, when he least needed it.

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