The death of Josep Lluís Alay, by Albert Soler

Josep Lluís Alay say what will fight for independence until he dies, but it does not reveal whether the death is going to happen soon or late, which is what interests us. These things should not be left to chance, because then people begin to make their own hypotheses, since it is not the same to endure Alay’s tabar ten years more than a week, seven days go by quickly, you don’t even realize it. A statement as abstract as Alay’s must be confirmed by accompanying it with medical certificates, complete tests, family history and an interview with his family doctor, who will know something of the time that Alay has left in this valley of tears. Without forgetting to add the ‘hobbies’ of the potential cold meat, since, in order to start raising mallows, it is not the same to dedicate free time to chess than to free climbing. At least this way the suffering Catalans would know what to expect. Not because we fear that he will achieve independence from anything or anyone, even if that poor man lives as long as Methuselah. It’s just to know how much we have left of Alay and his tabarra.

Alay dies, which is not news, because we are all dying since we are born. If Alay plans to die soon, his statement does not have much merit, so anyone fights for whatever it is, it is like standing with one foot in the other neighborhood and swearing that you will dedicate the remainder of your life to others. How long does Alay plan to live? That is what you should answer, before telling us what you plan to spend the remaining time on.

To fight for independence, he says. Fight, what is said to fight, Alay fights as much as the rest of the lacistas. That is, nothing, unless by fighting it is understood post a tweet from time to time accusing the Spanish state of who knows what. There is no risk that death will overtake him from exhaustion, much less from endangering his physical integrity in pursuit of the republiqueta, that is where we could go. The death fighting for independence, in other times and in other latitudes, was interpreted as the intention to sacrifice for the patriotic ideal. In Alay’s case, it just means that as long as she has a breath of life left, will tune TV-3 to see the ‘FAQS’.

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Alay, it should be noted, is employed as head of the Vivales office, which makes one fear that he will fight for independence for a short time, since the death from boredom. If the Vivales, as its name suggests, spends his life without giving a stick to the water, all the work of his office must be to pass the mocho to the house of the republiqueta the days that he frees Matamala, which is the ‘Kelly’ holder.

The fight for independence until he dies, we will see if it will be a short time or a long time, was Alay’s response to his accusation of spending the money of all Catalans to travel to New Caledonia. In other words, you get busted for putting your hand in the box, and to defend yourself, you say that it is raining, or that today you are going to have omelette for dinner, or that you are going to fight for independence until you die, which – apart from a idiotic excuse– It is already a very sad way to die: there are those who the grim reaper catches them in full intercourse with the beloved, and there are those who prefer to be caught also putting, but in their case, a ballot in a box of lies. Matter of taste.

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