The day Xavi Hernández got fed up with his stars

It is possible, very possible, that from the current situation that the Barca don’t be to blame (only) Joseph Maria Bartomeu and its sports and/or economic management. It is possible, very possible, that the CEO himself Joan Laportawho so soon loves Leo Messi how he fixes his renovation with a little barbecue, how he says goodbye without greeting him how, now, he painfully regrets what happened, also has a lot to do with the decomposition of a locker room in which, at this time, we have to regret, for having allowed everything, that Gerard Piqué “is suffering and we must help him”.

Also, yes, of course, even Xavi Hernandez has a lot to do, like previous coaches, with the delicate and extreme situation that he and his coaching staff have experienced during his first seven months in office that, now that everything has passed, now that the levers have been activated that, perhaps time, help clean the catacombs of the Camp Nou and activate what could be called (although not entirely, because the money will not go that far) Xavi’s first project, you can comment.

little professionalism

Despite knowing that he was not coming to paradise, despite knowing that he was landing in a bankrupt club that was going through a very delicate sporting situation, despite inquiring through some veteran friend, especially Sergio BusquetsEL PERIÓDICO has learned that the surprises that Xavi has found throughout his first months at the helm of the Barça squad have been multiple, difficult to assume and of tremendous carelessness and lack of professionalism. Perhaps from there all his comments throughout the season and, very especially, his warnings that either the rules of behavior were complied with, that they had completely disappeared from the locker room, or it would be impossible to achieve the minimum sporting objectives .

It may, no doubt, be the continual praise that laportathe president-executive, has been launched on the Barça players, needing their complicity and, even, the acceptance of salary reductions, they have not been the best way to help Xavi, who has not told the whole truth either what was happening inside the locker room, in training and certain attitudes of several, of many, of the footballers who wear the Barça shirt and earn lucrative contracts.

Now the coach’s proclamations are understood demanding that the squad return to the rules of behavior that led them to success

The need to come back from ninth to second place, valued, in November, as a true League title, made the CEO and the coach silence and swallow a lifestyle and a way of facing the challenge that was unprofessional and very left over from a good part of the staff, who tried to maintain the privileges with which they lived at the time when that locker room was governed by Leo Messi and your friend Luis Suarez“when they won the games with five moments of inspiration from any of their stars, something that, now, not only because of the composition of our squad but also because of the high performance of the rivals, is materially impossible”, says one of the collaborators of Xavi.

Xavi’s Miracle

Analyzing those seven months, the unbalanced squad that the club has, the winter reinforcements and the bad habits of many of the members of the group, it is evident that there are many who qualify as “true miracle & rdquor; what has been achieved by Xavi, who, now yes, has said enough and not only in the ‘Piqué case’, which, as in the ‘Messi case’, tries to straighten Laporta, but in the application of a style book that must govern the behaviour, life and training of the best paid squad in Spanish football.

With this squad and this way of living and working, Xavi took charge of Barça when they were in ninth position in LaLiga and finished second. Right, 13 points from Madrid (he only lost one point with respect to the champion), but recovering 9 points from the Athletic13 points to Seville11 points to Betis and 21 points to Real society. All of this was achieved against all odds, while the new technical team tried not only to recover, on a day-to-day basis, the discipline and seriousness necessary to compete at the highest level, but also, very especially, to prepare the foundations for change. , which is supposed to come now with the activation of the recently approved economic levers.

Now Laporta’s phrase to ‘L’Esportiu’ “angry and disappointed by the team’s lack of attitude and character” is understood

It is now, then, when some of the comments that Xavi has been reeling off throughout the season are better understood. That “it is strange that there are Barça players who don’t understand the position game”, or that of “the lack of neatness of some of our footballers” and, of course, Laporta’s statement to ‘L’Esportiu’ when he claimed to be “angry and disappointed with the lack of attitude and character of the team”, which is, I insist, what Xavi has been discovering throughout the seven hard months.

Sydney’s Friendly

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And it is that, as recently recalled the vice president Edward Romeu , the Barça squad is, by far, the one that earns the most money, since the wage bill is 560 million euros for 400 for Real Madrid or 300 for Bayern Munich. Perhaps for this reason, one of the most significant moments of disenchantment with which Xavi and his team of assistants experienced this first phase of their landing at Barça occurred days before Barça played, on May 25, a friendly in Sydney (Australia)versus A-League All Starsfor which the Barça club entered five million euros.

When the players found out that they had to close the season by traveling to Australia to play that friendly, they put on a bad face, so bad that Xavi met them in the locker room and was forced to tell them that this match was being played “to be able to pay our salaries , so if now, here, you put five million euros from your pockets on the table, I will take them to the president and we will not go to Australia & rdquor ;. And they traveled to Australia, of course.

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