The day Elon Musk lost a satellite in Asturias: disintegrated in the Cantabrian

Una big ball of fuego surcó el cielo el pasado domingo. Make the media noche su rastro is definitely lost in the Cantabrian Sea. The Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia follows its trayectory from the north of Marruecos, across the Peninsula, from the South to the north Asturias, where it disappears into the sea. Sara had the opportunity to contemplate the object when he was divided into several fragments, between the localities of Bayo and La Tejera, when he was in the truck in Grado. It’s a little bit more than the once of the night and she and the friend that the companion pararon to the edge of the window to contemplate those six balls of fuego, the ones that Sara refers to as “one of the most beautiful things he has ever seen & rdquor;. Las veian muy cerca y parecía que iban a caer sobre Grado. Sobrecogidas, think first of a meteorite, have temeron that hubiera read the Apocalypse and lie, when the gaps deviate, contacting the traverses of the social speeches with a group of experts, discover that is powered by a communications satellite, a 260-pound Starlink that the company SpaceX, founded by the South African magnate Elon Musk, and will be released on January 24, 2020.

The ball of fire was picked up by the detectors of the Red of Bolidos and Meteors of the Suroeste of Europe (Red SWEMN), which operates distant Spanish observatories and works in the brand of the SMART Project, which coordinates the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia ( IAA-CSIC). His principal investigator, José María Madiedo, informs the moon that the satellite enters the terrestrial atmosphere once the night has a velocity of 27,000 kilometers per hour. The sudden roar with the atmosphere to such an enormous velocity hizo that volviese fires and generates a ball of fugue, which initiates a height of one 100 kilometers about a point located north of Marruecos, cases on the front with Argelia. Of these advances in north-east direction the large part of its tray directory is fragmented, while the powder has various balls of joint advancing in parallel. Atravesó toda la Península y cruzó Asturias, para finalize your trayectoria about the Cantabrian. It appears that some fragment of the satellite that hubiese resisted passed through the atmosphere of the terrestrial Habrian caidio to the sea.

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Javier de Cos, the director of the University Institute of Scientific and Technological Technologies of Asturias, is a tranquilizer on the subject of training in the field of special space on Earth. “Miedo no deberíamos tener, es muy infrecuente y hay medidas par evitarlo& rdquor ;, assegura, although admits that “it is not normal or not desirable & rdquor ;. What suele succeeds is that the object disintegrates to enter into contact with the atmosphere and the most probable is that the fragments that are deposited in the sea are a zone of despair, which occupy the mayor part of the surface of the planet.

De Cos recognoce que “The scientific community is concerned & rdquor; for the proliferation of artificial satellites, due to the special burden that is generated and why less effective our telescopes and interfere with the astronomical observations. “When a company launches a train of some satellites, or to its orbit, there are no operatives & rdquor ;, explain, and now, add, the means to provide a remedy and this situation has not been specified. Elon Musk was not alone, he had an infinity of aeronautical companies and technologies of launching satellites without access to any regulation, “independent form and waiting for a competitive career & rdquor ;, insure.

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