The darkness advances

One of my favorite television series was and is Game of Thrones. Beyond the special effects, the dragons and the prodigious production, the plot sometimes left me speechless. In almost all the broadcasts the solutions to the plot knots were unexpected. Suddenly the one you assumed to be the hero was killed or several protagonists who you thought were going to accompany you throughout the season disappeared at a stroke. But they all agreed on one thing, the good guys and the bad guys, winter was coming and night was coming … this made their hair stand on end.

In these moments I feel very identified with all of them. This cold season I feel that winter is getting closer and closer and that nothing good can come of it.

I associate low temperatures with colds, pneumonia, influences it and of course with that announced fourth wave of Covid-19 that has already reached some countries in the world and that instills so much fear. And you can say that I am exaggerating … nothing more than the terrifying data that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) gave us this week is really scary.

What is highly worrying is that this organization reports that since the pandemic began, our country has the worst mortality from Covid-19 of all the countries that make it up and triples the average of the rest of these nations. To put it even more clearly, the increase in the number of deaths in Mexico is three times the average registered in the OECD.

In its biennial health report that was published this week and which analyzes the consequences of the coronavirus, it is noted that the epidemic has directly and indirectly caused an average increase in mortality of 16 percent compared to the previous five years. This single piece of information is terrible, but things get worse.

In Mexico, the rise is much higher, reaching 54.8 percent. According to this research, of proven quality and international prestige, there have been 4,500 deaths in our country for every million inhabitants compared to just the two thousand that have occurred in the organization as a whole. The disastrous management of the pandemic by the Mexican authorities is evident. Nothing more needs to be added to be deeply alarmed.

Officially our government recognizes 290 thousand deaths attributed to the virus. In other words, less than two thousand deaths are formally accepted for every million inhabitants and this is explained because in Mexico, since much less detection tests are carried out than in most of the countries that are part of the OECD.

What emerges from this research is that there are a very large and significant number of deaths that have occurred since 2020, which are due to the coronavirus but have not been or do not want to be recognized as such.

If to this we add that Mexico is the third country as of November 2021 with the third lowest vaccination rate, that is, with only 47 percent of the population immunized, compared to 65 percent on average in the 37 member states evaluated. All that remains is to acknowledge that we are and continue to be in serious trouble, that many lives have been lost due to disability, indolence and negligence, and that darkness is advancing.

Tere Vale


Guest column

Psychologist, host, writer, commentator for Grupo Fórmula.

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