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  • Priscila Ángel appears next to her daughter Sara Priscila
  • Followers highlight that their daughter looks more like her husband Gustavo Ángel
  • On the other hand, users argue the joviality that the singer still wears in her over 40 years

Priscila Ángel, wife of the Temerario, Gustavo Ángel, impresses with a photograph next to her daughter, Sara Priscila, and users on social networks highlight the great resemblance that the young woman has with her father, it seems her version in woman.

Priscila Ángel and Gustavo Ángel are consolidated as one of the most prosperous and strong couples in the world of show business, and it is that since they got married on December 27, 2001, the relationship is going from strength to strength.

As a result of this great love, they had three beautiful children, Gustavo Ángel Jr., Alejandro Jesús and Sara Priscila, all with an unequaled beauty, where the followers try to draw their conclusions and see who is more like whom.

PHOTO: Instagram. Priscilla Angel

Such is the case of the first-born Sara Priscila, to whom the fans of both Priscila and Gustavo Ángel, el Temerario, insist on finding which of the two she resembles, unknown as the same vocalist of the group Beach bullets It has been resolved.

In a recent photograph shared by the official Instagram account of Gustavo Ángel’s wife, Priscila can be seen next to the 18-year-old girl, her daughter Sara Priscila.

In the snapshot, both mother and daughter boasted unparalleled beauty and joviality, since while Priscila Ángel showed an orange blouse with a neckline, her little daughter wore a top of different colors of flowers, both wearing a huge smile in front of the camera .

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At the foot of the publication, Priscila Ángel, Daredevil’s wife, dispelled all doubts, stating that her daughter looked more like her father The Daredevil than her: “Even if you look more like your dad, you are my doll, and I love you super my Sarita, @sarapangel, to infinity and beyond.”

Quickly, the photograph of Sara and her mother Priscila Ángel obtained more than 15 thousand likes and endless comments from the almost 300 thousand followers of the also singer, where followers highlighted that both were beautiful.

You can see the photograph here.

Various comments began to reach the photograph of Priscila Ángel, wife of the Temerario next to her daughter on social networks, where followers highlighted that she undoubtedly looked even more like her father Gustavo Ángel:

A follower highlighted the following: “Wow, how beautiful, she looks like her father, but how beautiful is her mother’s, that’s not what it is.”

Another Internet user argued that both Gustavo Jr, Alejando and Sara looked more like their father than her: “The three children are the faithful copy of their father, in short, they are all a beauty.”

Daredevil's wife

PHOTO: Instagram. Priscilla Angel

A user, using the same sarcasm that Priscila Ángel used in her photograph, wrote the following: “Injustices of life, one carries them 9 months in the belly and they end up looking like their father.”

To which another girl says: “Yes, I will know, my two children are just like my husband, and I don’t even have my hair.”

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A faithful fan of Priscila Ángel did not overlook her beauty and the youth that the singer still has at 43 years of age: “Wow woman, super good, what I like the most about you is that it shows that you do not depend on surgeries it can be the best of you. Although a sudden arrangement is not bad, but you look pretty and not fake. Apart from your daughter just like her father ”.

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“Just like dad”, “Beautiful both”, “Very pretty, they look like sisters”, “So it happens, and indeed they are ours”, “How pretty, they also look like you”, “But she has your eyes, God bless “,” How beautiful you both are, many blessings for your family. “

PHOTO: Instagram. Sara priscilla

They were one of the many comments that could be read in the photograph of Priscila Ángel, wife of the Temerario, Gustavo Ángel, next to her daughter Sara Priscila.

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