The Cursa dels Bombers returns as the most massive 10-kilometer race of the year in Spain

One of the most respected races on the Barcelona athletic calendar is back. Not so much because of the route or the distance as because of its name: the Fire Department. It is one of the most respected professions, with sanitary permission, so their career, in which they also participate with or without the work suitIt is also one of the most beloved in the city. The 22nd edition will be held on Sunday, October 24 and will repeat the path of recent years, with the beginning and end in the França station, Next to the Ciutadella. With its 11,000 runners, it will be the competition of 10 most crowded kilometers in all of Spain in this 2021.

22.7% (2,500) of the participants will be women, a percentage that in 2018 was 36%, when there were 14,000 people who took the exit. Last year, for obvious reasons, it could not be celebrated. The objective, both in male category as a female, is to break the record of the current circuit, held by Ilias Fifa (28:55 in 2016) and Marta Galimany (33:54 in 2018). In the men’s category, the Spanish-Moroccan runner will try Abdesamat Oukhelfen, 22 years old, bronze in the 5,000 meters of the European Under-23 of 2019 and champion of Spain of the same distance in 2020, and who has a best time of 28:51. While in the female category, the best brands are owned by Manresana Meritxell Soler, current champion of Catalonia of the 10 kilometers. (33:43 in 2018) and the Moroccan Douae Ouboukir, the call ‘barefoot runner‘, (33:56 in 2021).

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25 extra kilos

The race runs along Paseo de Colón, Avenida del Paral.lel, Plaza de Espanya, Gran Via, Ronda Sant Pere and Via Laietana. The Cursa dels Bombers exceeded 26,450 runners in 2014 and continues being the second in Spain in participation behind the San Silvestre Vallecana de Madrid, with 39,000 runners in 2013. A group of 300 firefighters from Barcelona, ​​the Generalitat of Catalonia and AENA, along with others from various European countries, will take part in this edition. Most of them will be dressed in the regulation intervention uniform, almost 25 kilos more. This involves not only the suit, but also the oxygen cylinders or the helmet. For this reason, and so that the respectable can applaud them, their departure will be about five minutes before the bulk of runners. The current anticovid prevention health protocols will be followed and the start will be in three groups for accredited times.

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