The Alcaldesa de Acapulco enfrentó the public escarnio in social speeches al signal that the factors that contribute to the high levels of violence in the ciudad guerrerense, se deben, entre otras cuestiones, a “la calor”: “La falta de empleo, también puede be a factor and the same (…) the caloric (sic) also can be a factor for the violence. A poor diet, when one is suffering from a poor diet, for example, if you eat more carbohydrates, you accelerate ”.

Ya the construction of the argument of the alcaldesa fue ridiculized in speeches. This includes a response from the staff, in which a separate article was published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization to justify its climate declarations, which analyze the non-economic factors of violence such as the temperature and physiological and psychological factors . More so when we discuss the value of the argument, the statements and the justification, the evidence of the great vicissitudes of contemporary thought: the determination to do everything and the lack of thought.

To understand the great social themes of today in the day of violence, inequality in all its manifestations, including, the problems related to food, one should not forget the complex thought for words such as “multifactorial” or “multicausal”, “Multidisciplinary” includes only vocabulary vacancies to explain in effect, that social problems and realities are complex and existent causal determinants – effect as in laboratory controlled experiments. This is precisely the reality: the people we are trying to communicate with are middle-class. If we propose to look for the relationship between the violence and any other variable (for the more disbelief that appears), we will find a relationship. But it is not necessary to say, without embarrassment, that this variable has the explanatory capacity of the phenomenon.

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The ability to analyze the reality of manners requires training, but also a training that takes place from the time of education. Además of ello, the argument conjugate, of manner ramplona, ​​come the culpa of cases all the males high in day, can attribute to the alimentation. It is easy to answer, also to explain common phenomena such as obesity and chronic degenerative diseases. The culprit is the “poor” diet and you have to accept the arguments that do not take into account the social realities of this style of life.

A third point with which hay to be taken seriously, is the interpretation of causal effects and effect from learning a scientific article. And as science has a method and a rigor, scientific articles always keep in mind the critical optics of methodology and know exactly what it is that requires a relationship between “carbohydrates” and the excitability of temperament, for example. However, this optical result is very delicate to interpret these studies without having to worry about methodological questions. And it’s not all that we are specialists in the methodology of investigation or epistemology (the way in which we do science), but these areas and discoveries, also have to find the channels of communication of the elucidation , so pena to construct arguments of the type: carbohydrates equivalen a excitabilidad que equivale a karakts explosivo y violencia. Explaining problems with simple answers, is an indicator that they are not their answers.


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