“There are some more of us living here, we are called Legion”. Neal Morse.

Cuba is a dictatorship that uses terror and propaganda to repress its people. He locks him up, silences him and confronts families using extortion and threats. The constant practices of illegal detention, ruin due to political discrepancy, signaling and limitation of rights Fundamentals have nothing to do with any blockade or embargo and everything to do with the totalitarian communist regime.

All the propaganda that whitewashes the liberticidal communist dictatorship is based on two lies: the “blockade” and the “Cuban public health”.

Cuba only suffers one blockade: that of the dictatorship against its people, which limits imports of food, medicine, use of the Internet and freedom to travel. We have seen the evidence this week when they have “temporarily lifted” the limitation on imports of food and medicine.

Dismantling the lie of excellent Cuban public services is easy. You just have to go to Cuba and see it.

Dismantling the lie of excellent Cuban public services is easy. You just have to go to Cuba and see it

The health system that the regime advertises so much is a failed and ruinous system that only provides quality service to the rich foreigners and regime leaders. Cuba suffers the “most expensive free healthcare in the world,” as they told me in Havana.

The myth of the quality of healthcare has been debunked on several occasions. María Werlau, from the Cuba Archive NGO explained that “health in Cuba is terrible for the ordinary citizen. There is apartheid that favors the ruling elite and foreigners who pay in dollars”, and it has been shown that “the system Cuban health system lacks transparency and capacity ”, and its health policies not only have not yielded good results but also limit the basic rights of patients,“ it is hardly a model to follow ”(Cuba’s health system: hardly an example to follow, Octavio Gómez-Dantés).

Anyone who travels to Cuba can see that the often repeated “non-existence of child malnutrition” that some say UNICEF shows, only masks a regime that is still under the yoke of ration cards and misery.

But it is that Unicef ​​”does not indicate that at all, but that the incidence of underweight has dropped to 4%”, a record broken by Chile, for example, which reached 1%. On Tracking Progress on Child and Maternal Nutrition: A survival and development priority (Unicef, November 2009, p. 102 ff.) And indicators with similar figures are shown. That is, nothing to eradicate, and Chile, for example, shows better figures.

The real data of infant mortality is double the official (11.16 vs 5.79) and much worse than in countries like Chile or Costa Rica, according to studies by the University of North Carolina and other entities.

The myth of the blockade is even more hilarious. The left blames Cuba’s ills on not having enough free trade! … meanwhile, it tells us that we must defend autarky and limit trade in our countries.

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The myth of the blockade is a a lie that serves as an excuse to whitewash the dictatorship.

The myth of the blockade is a lie that serves as an excuse to whitewash the dictatorship

Cuba’s international trade over GDP was 27% of GDP in 2020, compared, for example, with Brazil, which is 32%. Its exports are 14.5% of GDP compared to 16% in Brazil (World Bank data).

The United States is Cuba’s ninth largest trading partner, with 3% of imports. Cuba has more than 27 bilateral treaties with more than 90 countries and exports to Canada (22%), China (21%), Venezuela (13%), Spain (11%), Holland (7%), Germany, Belgium, Switzerland , Cyprus (2% each) and France (1%) among others (Cuban Statistical Office, 2020 edition).

The exports of food and agricultural products from United States to Cuba increased 74.7% in March 2021, an increase of 54.3% annualized (Cuba Trade).

Cuba, in turn, imported in 2020 from Venezuela (crude at cost or given price, in addition), China, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, the United States and Germany, among others. What a ‘lockdown’ crap.

The only thing Cuba has is an embargo on those items that the dictatorial regime uses for military purposes.

What the left hides about the embargo: The However, it was implemented in 1958 with the Batista regime! to limit the sale of weapons. The 1960 embargo on US exports to Cuba did not include food or medicine. Since 2000 there has not been any type of embargo on US exports, neither in food nor in medicine.

More of 90 North American multinationals export to Cuba since 2001. Since 2014, sixty North American companies have been operating directly in Cuba (Cuba Trade Economic Council)

Cuba exported $ 14.9 million to the United States and imported $ 176.8 million in 2020 (State Department). Imports and exports to China are also very important.

The United States is the largest supplier of food and agricultural products to Cuba, according to the State Department, with exports of those goods valued at $ 220.5 million in 2018. The United States is also a major supplier of humanitarian goods to Cuba, including medicines and medical products, with a total value of $ 275.9 million in 2018. Remittances from the United States, estimated at $ 3.5 billion in 2017 are the largest source of foreign currency of the dictatorship.

What has sunk Cuba is communism. A dictatorial regime destroying and squandering subsidies.

The Castro regime is a machine for squandering subsidies. It delayed aid from the Soviet Union between 1960 and 1990 equivalent to six Marshall Plans and failed to improve its growth pattern or take advantage of huge subsidies to improve productivity. Between 1960 and 1990, Cuba received more than $ 65 billion from the Soviet Union, not counting what it received from other socialist countries.

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The Cuban dictatorship has also squandered subsidies and aid from China, Russia and Venezuela.

The Cuban dictatorship has also squandered subsidies and aid from China, Russia and Venezuela

Only in the Cuban medical program, Mission Barrio Adentro, the power of Havana received 120,000 million dollars in 16 years, an official figure, revealed by Nicolás Maduro in 2019, and confirmed by Julio García, head of the Cuban missions in Venezuela .

Cuba obtained more money from Venezuela for other concepts, other missions, for sales of power plants, for triangulation in food imports, and even for the sale of millions of light bulbs.

In the last 18 years, China has forgiven almost $ 5 billion in debt to Cuba, almost half of the total debt you have forgiven your business partners. Of course, trade with China has declined due to the constant defaults of the Cuban dictatorial regime.

Russia has donated billions of dollars to Cuba, with donations through, for example, the representation of the World Food Program (WFP) and the forgiveness of 90% of the debt contracted (2014), some 25.8 billion dollars.

Between 2011 and 2014 alone, Mexico, Japan, China and Russia together exempted 40 billion dollars of debt from the Cuban dictatorship, which is equivalent to 50% of Cuba’s current GDP, according to Forbes.

The creditors of the Paris Club in 2015 also canceled 8.5 billion dollars in outstanding debt. The Cuban dictatorship always does the same, borrow, squander money, impoverish the population and default on its commitments. And then he complains about “embargo”.

Between Russia, China, Venezuela and their main trading partners They have given financial aid and donations to the Cuban dictatorship that exceed 200,000 million dollars in the last 16 years. Much more, for example, than the IMF has supported any country in Latin America. A financial aid that has disappeared.

Despite all this, and with a monetary policy as destructive as that of Venezuela, printing pesos without value or demand while squandering the reserves it receives, inflation in 2021 will reach 500% according to The Economist.

What has the Cuban dictatorship done with that trail of money? Dilapidate him while condemning his people to misery.

Cuba has a poverty level that, independently calculated, reaches 50%. On the other hand, according to figures from the ONEI, 35.6% of the working-age population is unemployed or unemployed. The monetary and economic disaster would lower the Human Development Index for Cuba, from position 73 to last places among the countries of the world.

“Communism is a failed system, universally failed, and I don’t see socialism as a very useful substitute,” Joe Biden said Thursday, July 15.

What is it that has sunk Cuba? Devastating communism, not the nonexistent blockade.


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