That is why some thirty directorates have organized a concentration, next June 29at the gates of Department of Education (in the case of Barcelona) and the headquarters of the regional services of the ‘conselleria’ in the rest of Catalonia, to remind the ‘conseller’ Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray that they are still concerned about the “obvious shortcomings” suffered by the Catalan school to “serve students with quality”. More resources and more personnel is, in essence, what they are asking for.

In a statement, open to the incorporation of more addresses, they recall that the second manifesto they made public, in which they denounced that the public school was on the verge of collapse, was finally signed by more than 750 directors. And they underline that families have also mobilized in favor of inclusive school and against the lack of resources.

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In view of “the lack of effective actions by the Department“, they consider that they cannot close the course without once again publicly expressing their “concern about the situation of public education in Catalonia” and about the “obvious shortcomings it suffers in serving all students with quality”. They will do so at 09.00 hours of the 29th at the Department’s headquarters in Via Augusta.

The discomfort of the addresses is made public again just a few hours later than Cambray will send a letter of thanks to all Catalan teachers for their dedication to this course, still marked by the pandemic. “Your work has allowed an exemplary functioning of schools and institutes”, pointed out the ‘conseller’. In the letter, he reminded them of the news for the 22-23 academic year: early start of classes on September 5, free extracurriculars in September, lower ratios in Infant 3, free Infant 2 and more help for vulnerable students.

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