The crisis of the PP and the extreme right, by Josep Maria Fonalleras

A common feature of the right has always been the tendency to unification. I speak of the democratic, of course, because when it is not, it tends to be unified without makeup under the umbrella of fascism. Conversely, the left goes more towards atomization, towards radical ideological dispersion, towards the essence of purism above political strategies. The right, when appropriate, when the decisive moment arrives, joins forces, because the essences are more flexible, more adaptable to the needs of the moment. That is why it is surprising, at first glance, that “collapse & rdquor; (they say it) that the PP suffers. That “unsustainable situation where we bleed out & rdquor ;.

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Such a show has never been very common in this country, it does not usually reach a level of stress so notable that it causes a collapse. We’ll see how it ends. More than the appearance of a building in ruins, the crisis of the PP proposes the image of the balance provided by the communicating vessels. The liquids (this right and the extreme one) finally stabilize. And that means, here, that fascism advances decisively, because it knows that the wind is in its favor, and even more so when classical conservatism is, today, a corpse.

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