For once, let’s start with the conclusion. A good meal cannot be without dessert, are we crazy or what? Theorists will say that dessert is an inseparable part of the culinary experience; In my house, my father sums it up with this sentence: “Without dessert there is no paradise”. We tend to recommend restaurants for their “main” dishes, and we rarely take into account the sweet ending. For this reason, today we pay tribute to some restaurants with crafted, crazy, relevant desserts with their own personality. Impossible to say if they are the best of Barcelona, what will seem better to you will be the world after trying them. Put a dessert in your life, finish what you have started, sin always at the end.

kiss me mutt


In it yeti bar You travel to the past without a flux capacitor. New life, same authenticity. The impeccable management of the Bonanova restaurant team has been like an adrenaline shot for this space administered by Vincent Vega. The signals do not deceive, in the Yeti they are cooked tapas and dishes of a lifetime handled with a Globe Trotter doll. And ones extra thin sandwiches of mascleta. And a cataclysmic dessert that raises hidden passions that you didn’t even know existed in there: the ironed pooch. Little can be added, they subject a juicy and sensual pooch to an extra grilling session and the artifact arrives at the unctuous, throbbing, loving plate, bathed in its addictive secretions, perhaps accompanied by a splash of cream to finish off the job. Vintage porn: the good one. Plaza de la Bonanova, 6. Instagram: @albondigable

tiramisu for adults

big pistachio

They take the tiramisu out for a walk, they plant themselves with the artillery on your table and they set it up right under your nose, so that you salivate like a hungry canine. This is how they work Much, with weapons uncovered and excellence by montera. the magnificent Jordi Vilà and Xevi Ramon pizzeria It is one of my favorite lodges. His imaginative and tremendous pizzas coexist with fanfare dishes, such as macaroni au gratin with roast beef and some colossal tiramisus that demand restraint in the previous intake and send you to a nap on a direct flight. The pistachio one is a wet dream for gluttons: quality biscuits, top-notch pistachio cream and the plus of the assembly live and direct, in your face. The Baghdad Tiramisu Roomto understand us. Marià Cubí, 201. muchopizzeria.com

bristle cookies

Bacon and fancy

Sleeves up. Three-layer towel on the chest. Welder’s goggles on. All ready and ready for the fight of the century with a titanic dessert which is like an enraged kaiju. They prepare it in the pigthe best burger in Poble Sec, and is unparalleled in Barcelona. Is named bacon cookie, two words that, when read together, cause heart attacks, and it is a one-way trip to the most pleasant coma of your life. Let’s go there: butter cookie with chocolate chip and a touch of salt. Salted caramel sauce. Vanilla ice cream. Caramelized cookie pieces. And the finishing touch: crispy bacon with Maldon salt. You can clean your nose and fingers with the recommendations of your dietician. Mata, 16. www.laporca.com

saoko wasabi

think green

That we have The star for many, many years. Few restaurants remain with such room service. Few restaurants remain with such a succulent, honest and respectful cuisine with the seasonal product. In this bubble of popular excellence, fine dining also extends to one of the best dessert menus in Barcelona.And in his candy jewelery box shines with an emerald brilliance a house classic that remains unrivaled: the wasabi ice cream, an artisanal ice cream with a perfect texture, almost divine, and an indescribable flavor that plays with the contained sweetness and the stimulating discharges of Japanese horseradish. It’s not itchy, it’s uplifting, and it contributes badly to the massive production of endorphins in your brain. Possibly one of the best restaurant ice creams in Barcelona. Ocata, 6. www.rstlaestrella.com

smoke croissant

Puff pastry and charcoal

The smoked croissant has become one of the most iconic dishes on the menu of tuninga product restaurant with pout moments and some international winks. A comfortable and tasty cuisine, with this piece of fantasy hidden in the desserts. The artifact is lewd to the max: an artisanal croissant, filled with a creamy tonka bean and white chocolate cream, and passed through the charcoal oven so that the smoke remains in the interstices of the puff pastry. The primary instincts are activated with the smoky flavor. Your brain’s pleasure centers fire when you sink your canines into that cream-soaked mass. It takes no prisoners. Roselló, 249.restaurantsintonia.com

ice cream japan

balls of happiness

One of the best restaurants in town. Italy, Japan and Mexico in a menu full of wonders and comforting dishes. But let no one forget that arigato It is also one of the best ice cream shops in BarcelonaIn fact, that’s how it started before it became a restaurant. How easy it is to get lost in your catalog of artisanal ice cream with Japanese grounds. How difficult to decide on one. combine exotic and classic flavors. Asian and indigenous ingredients. Example: vegan walnut ice cream, poached pear and shiro-miso. And if you are looking for a house classic, the already legendary black sesame ice cream it’s just the beginning of the journey. Finish it how you want. Roger de Lluria, 114. www.arigatobarcelona.com

matcha point

Party at La Boqueria

Radical cheeseologists say that in Direct Boqueria is served the best cheesecake in Barcelona. I could not agree more. It’s hard to find anything that can compete with their smoked cheese and matcha tea ziggurat. The way to the cake is just as pleasant: the delicacy and quality of the dishes in this small asian-mediterranean restaurant They are at the same level of excellence. Between the cake and the coulant, ingenuity is one of the best endings imaginable for a meal that is always memorable. Essential. Cabres, 13 (La Boqueria). direct.cat

fluid cake

From Santiago to heaven

Cold head. if you’re in North West Tavern and you want to end the evening with the famous Santiago’s cake, content when asking or you will arrive broken at the goal. In this house you eat so well that it is too easy to get carried away. Ingredients and indigenous recipes handled with modern techniques and some imaginative contribution: here are the keys to a menu that arouses widespread admiration and has a party ending that is a sprawl in the most literal sense of the term: a heavenly Santiago cake that is scattered on the plate when you stick the spoon in it, a almost coulant that floods the soul with its almond fluids and makes diners have anime character eyes. It is highly recommended to pray several Our Fathers when you finish. Radas, 67. tabernanoroeste.com

Basque style

northern cake

It is difficult to capture in words the greatness of a space like Marin Grocery, a traditional grill and grill bar that performs better than many star-studded restaurants. Their neck of hake is already legendary, his handmade sausages they make you crazy, and in the meantime a plate overflowing with happiness (those pickles for the love of Dior!), suddenly you come across desserts as simple as they are immense. The chocolate mousse is a yes, the Bacon from heaven It is a divine gift, but surely my favorite dessert is the Basque cakea triangle of creaminess that is pure improvised sex on the counter: simple, passionate, intense and quick. Balmes, 187. ultramarinosmarin.com

Chucho or torrija

end of party

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the mundane, a restaurant that is not very mundane. This gastronomic vermouth it adjusts to an informal mood, but manages a very serious kitchen, despite its rogue spirit. The korean ribsthe bravas in barthe katsu sando from secret, its menu already has some immovable classics, including one of the most ‘hot’ desserts in Sants. Is it a toast? Is it a pooch? What do you say, girl? He is he torrichucho, technique and fun, the spirit of the house concentrated in a caramelised french toast filled with English vanilla cream. You’ll growl like a rabid dog every time someone approaches the spoon. Vallespir, 93. www.lamundana.cat


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