The covid soars again in the United Kingdom, with 45,000 daily infections

  • The toilets demand the reintroduction of some restrictions, but Boris Johnson rejects it

  • A new mutation of the Delta variant adds to the return to total normality

Those responsible for the British public health call for the immediate reintroduction of some restrictions like the mandatory mask in England, where coronavirus cases are soaring again. The daily number of infections increases at a rate of more than 10%, week after week. On Wednesday they were around 50,000 and can reach 100,000 daily as admitted by the Minister of Health, Sajid Javid. The growth is similar in the number of hospitalizations and the number of deaths from Covid. This Tuesday there were 223 victims, the highest since March, and 179 on Wednesday.

The Confederation of Public Health (NHS), one of its most representative governing bodies of the hospital system, warns that it is necessary to take preventive measures quickly to avoidr “fall into a crisis in winter & rdquor ;. The health workers demand the implementation of the so-called Plan B, the strategy that the Executive has in reserve in case the situation in the NHS is unsustainable. Javid does not consider that “that moment has come & rdquor ;. For the teacher Stephen Reicher, one of the government’s own scientific advisers, the refusal to take action only it will lead to increasing the chances of re-confinement.

Most of the currently registered cases are occurring among the unvaccinated schoolchildren. However, infections are spreading to those over 50 and the most vulnerable citizens. The reactivation of Covid also coincides with the return to work centers, the reopening of entertainment venues and massive sporting events. The recommendation to wear a mask on public transport is hardly observed and it is evident that everyone has let their guard down.

New variant

Another cause for concern is the appearance of a new variant In England. Scientists are tracking a mutation in the Delta variant designated AY.4.2 that is spreading. At the moment it has been detected in 6% of cases of coronavirus, “With an upward trajectory & rdquor;. Although it appears to spread more rapidly than the previous variants (something unconfirmed), experts do not believe that it is responsible for the rapid increase in infection today. Professor Francois Balloux, director of the Institute of Genetics at University College London, estimates the extra infections due to this new variant at just 1% every five days, which according to Javid “it’s not a big threat & rdquor ;.

Healing under pressure

The Government considers the situation controlled for now and rules out a new confinement that would endanger “Hard earned & rdquor;, with the reopening of the economy. The main strategy is to try to vaccinate the 5 million who have not yet received the first dose and inoculate the minors between 12 and 15 years old, while accelerating the distribution of booster shots. This third dose has already been received 4 million people. The UK has also bought 730,000 doses of two antiviral drugs, still pending approval, that can help fight Covid.

Plan B demanded by health workers includes the reintroduction of the obligation to wear masks in certain places with a large influx of public, return to social distance, the requirement of vaccination passports in certain social activities and a higher percentage of teleworking. All of this would reduce the risk of a saturation of the healthcare system that is already working under pressure. In some hospitals, one out of every five beds is occupied by Covid patients. Javid believes that instead of imposing mandatory measures “The appropriate thing is to learn to live with the virus & rdquor; and “that people take on greater responsibility & rdquor ;.

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