The Court of Auditors welcomes the debut of MaPrimeRénov ‘

The good points delivered by the Court of Auditors are rare enough to be noted. Thursday, September 30, they were addressed to the National Housing Agency (ANAH), which, according to the conclusions of a “flash audit” carried out in March and April 2021 by the financial court, has ” succeeded “ the launch of MaPrimeRénov ‘, the new aid scheme for the energy renovation of housing.

Since the program was launched in the spring of 2020, during the first containment, and its intensification with the recovery plan, 574,000 cases have been filed, nearly 300,000 applications have been accepted in just over a year, for a amount of 862 million euros in bonuses paid, report the rapporteurs. Proof, according to them, that the device “Responds well to the objectives of massification of energy renovation” wanted by the government. However, the Court attached four recommendations to its audit and questioned the ability of the program to finance heavy work in the long term.

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The creation of MaPrimeRénov ‘, a subsidy that replaces the tax credit for energy transition, marked a turning point in public policy to support building renovation. Since the beginning of the 2010s, the priority of the ANAH, notably with its “Better Living” program, has been to fight against fuel poverty. The climate emergency has changed that. As the building is responsible in France for 18% of territorial greenhouse gas emissions and 40% of final energy consumption, it was decided to increase aid. And, in 2021, to grant it to everyone, without income conditions.

Crucial issue of monitoring the efficiency of the works

However, communication efforts must be made, firstly noted the Court, so that owners do not forget the VAT at the reduced rate of 5.5%, the eco-loan at zero rate or even energy saving certificates (EEC). In addition, public housing renovation policy has suffered from too great a variation in measures in recent years. The Prime Minister, Jean Castex, announced, in mid-September, an extension of the envelope of MaPrimeRénov ‘of 2 billion euros for 2022, but “No visibility exists to date regarding the continuation of the program from 2023”. However, if France wants to meet its commitments, namely the thermal renovation of the entire private park by 2050, MaPrimeRénov ‘ “Will have to be in the long term” and “Be accompanied by stable and sustainable funding”, insists the report.

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