The original role of the National Guard was conceived as that of the French Gendarmerie, in charge of the security of the smallest towns and those on the outskirts of large cities, that would give it control of areas that are currently neglected.

Difficult work for the National Guard, since the occurrences of the Government of the Republic assign them tasks that are not theirs, in addition to the fact that the National Palace uses them electorally. The cost is having “areas heavily dominated by organized crime.”

The murder of two Jesuit priests in Cerocahui, Chihuahua, could be a welcome turning point for the Government of the Republic, to adjust the security policy, even if they must go through the ordeal of not making a spectacular announcement.

Morena, the mise de scene presidential

The ruling party intends to convince locals and strangers that its parade of presidential “corchocolates” is a democratic exercise, not a staging that hides the political deja vu of the game of cover art.

The purge ordered in the Official Party to renew the Council and avoid tribal fickleness gives its Founder absolute control of the process of selecting the presidential candidate.

The mise en scene is as democratic as that parade of “six distinguished PRI” organized in 1981 to endorse the candidacy of Carlos Salinas de Gortari. And then they don’t want you to have the feeling of deja vu.

“El Chueco” is expendable for the Cartel

After locating the bodies of the two Jesuit priests and the tourist guide killed by the criminal identified as “El Chueco”, a reward of 5 million pesos is offered for information to capture him.

Despite the arrest warrants for his alleged participation in a massacre in Creel in 2008, no one stopped him, since his brutal effectiveness assured the Sinaloa Cartel a route and diversification of activities.

The assassination of the two Jesuits brought troops to the Copper Canyon area. They hinder business. The interference would cease if the murderer of the priests is killed or captured. There will be plenty of equally brutal volunteers willing to replace him.


It is affirmed that the Government of the Republic tightened the sub-exercise policy to face the liquidity demands of public finances… During the three years that Dr. Jorge Carpizo was in charge of the National Human Rights Commission, he dedicated a lot of time to investigate the complaint by Mrs. Rosario Ibarra de Piedra of 500 people who allegedly disappeared during the stage of the so-called “dirty war.” In 1993 it had determined the fate of almost 300… It is a mistake to suppose that in Sedena they will find minutes like the ones from that 1941 Wannesee conference… The public transport concessionaires believe that the operatives of the CDMX Mobility Secretariat in their against they have a stench of vendetta for having protested in the streets. Explain to them that revenge is not what this administration is about… Johann Wolfgang Goethe left us this interesting reflection: “Let’s not ask if we fully agree, but only if we walk the same path”…

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