The “cookies” never make you think like digital espionage tools, make sure

The famous “cookies”, which are at the center of the current debate on the protection of the privacy and internet, nunca fueron concebidas como herramientas de digital espionage, you are an inventor in an interview with AFP.

The Engineer and Empress Based in California Lou Montulli dijo que las “cookies” originals que creo hace décadas tenían la intenti de facilitate live online to allow the web sites record the visitors.

Without embarrassment, the technology has been converted into a pararrayos, attacking to help them digital companies to retrieve data about the consumer habits, algo clave para el negocio de web ads, which generates many miles of millions of dollars a year.

“My invention is in the technological courage of many of them advertising schemes, but I do not have the intention that will happen “, said Montulli, who created the cookies in 1994, when he became an engineer in Netscape.

“It’s simply a central technology to allow the web to function,” he said.

Google if this week is a list of Technological companies to announce a new plan for block cookies, lie that the giant’s previous propositions of online advertising were being criticized roundabout.

In order to invent about it, Montulli says that the software fragments that allow a web site to recognize the people will allow to make possible functions such as automatic session initiators, to record the content of the shopping cart of electronic commerce.

Without the “origin” cookies, which also use web sites to interact directly with visitors, each visit to an internet site is considered as the first.

Pero Montulli reports that the problems arise from the so-called “third party” cookies, generated by web sites and referenced in the visitors’ browsers, and by speeches publicity que agregan datos de esos fragmentos.

“The personalized ads are only possible thanks to the collision between the numbered web sites and one red publicitaria“, argument.

Share web sites activity dates con redes publicitarias, which we use to orient publications according to the tastes of each user.

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“If you are looking for some extra niche product and lie bombarded with announcements of this product in various web sites, a rare experience will live”, says Montulli.

“It’s natural within human reasoning to think that if I know that I’m looking for a game of blue, it’s going to mean that I know everything about me and, for that matter, want to get rid of this system.”

If a site is recovered personal information, as a number or a directorate of electronic mail, it is possible that these data are filtered and that a navigator associated with a person is found.

“There is an effect of redemption in the course of which all these different situations exist in conjunction with the consequences of publicity following”, concludes Montulli.

These are the authorities francesas multaron a Google y Facebook in one 237 million dollars per el use of cookies.

“Cookies are originally designed to enhance privacy”, recorded by their creator.

Dijo que un posible respuesta seria dejar orientat annuncios y comenzar a cobrar subscriptions by online services, which operates with ingressos for online advertising.

Montulli also supports the gradual elimination of the third party cookies, to warn you to disregard complete software fragments and announce more effective tactics.

“The publicity will find the manner” of adaptarse, dijo. “It will be converted into a technological armament career; considering the miles of dollars in risk, the publishing industry has what it takes to keep the lights out “.

Disable the third-party cookies also involuntarily cast to the web sites listed in the directory of direct debits generated by the user, giving more power to them technological giants como Apple, Google y Meta, matrix of Facebook.

The regulation that maintains cookies in use, which requires checks, as users opt to share or not share data, can be the only viable solution to large space, dijo Montulli.

“Really does not work use the web without cookies.

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