The controversial series The Last King. The son of the people, continues with success

In the midst of litigation to censor the journalistic series The Last King. The son of the people, based on the book by Olga Wornat, TelevisaUnivision has managed to continue broadcasting it on its flagship channel, Las Estrellas, reaching 29 million viewers in 6 episodes.

Currently, the first season of the series is only broadcast in Mexico and has achieved great interest in the audience, some even consider that this is derived from the great controversy that has been cited between the Fernández family and TelevisaUnivision.

Both parties have filed various legal appeals, the first for the series to stop broadcasting, the second for censorship not to be applied, which has been left to settle before federal judges.

The unauthorized biography of Vicente Fernández, based on the work of journalist Olga Wornat, also features performances by Angélica Aragón, Iliana Fox, Emilio Osorio, Salvador Sánchez, Iván Arana and Alejandra Ambrosi, among others.

The first season of The Last King, The Son of the People, a Televisa production, is broadcast by the stars from Monday to Friday at 8:30 p.m. and will end this Friday. In this same year it is estimated that the second season will be launched.

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