The interview that Isabel Torres gave on the night of December 20 in ‘Sábado Deluxe’ moved collaborators and viewers, who did not hesitate to applaud her words. The actress who gave life to Cristina Ortiz, La Veneno, in the series Los Javis fwas diagnosed with lung cancer last year. Although this was the main topic of his interview, it was also there were happier moments with anecdotes in between.

Torres wanted to show from the first minute his gratitude “to the best television program” for their entertainment work and the company they have made during the pandemic. And it is that the actress I had the dream of working at Mediaset for years, an objective that he tried to achieve by all means, getting to participate in one of his contests.

Before jumping to fame with ‘Veneno’, Isabel Torres was submitted to ‘The contest of the year’, the age-guessing program that Dani Martínez presented in Cuatro. Instead of presenting herself as a contestant, she presented herself as anonymous so that he could guess her age, although the play went badly for her. “They found out my age the first time, it was fatal”Said the actress with a laugh while ensuring that her speech only lasted a few minutes.

However, Isabel did not have to participate in any other contest because thanks to her brilliant work playing Cristina Ortiz, she was able to become “knew the world”, as the late star would have said. Her great work was recognized with the Ondas Award for best female performance, an award that she was finally able to obtain last night not having been able to attend the awards gala for health reasons.

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