The Consell per la República asks to base the sovereignist unit around 27-O

  • The entity led by Puigdemont demonstrates against the dialogue table

The so-called Consell per la República Catalana, an entity created to advance in the creation of a Catalan republic, has claimed this Saturday the return to the pro-independence consensus between sovereignist parties and entitiesbut taking as a basis, among other points, the declaration of independence of October 27, 2017.

In a political declaration made public this Saturday, the new government of the Consell per la República, led from Belgium by the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemontdefends that “it is necessary to return to the paths that allowed the success of October 1 – the referendum annulled by the Constitutional Court – to complete the independence process.”

In this sense, it endorses “returning to consensus based on the following foundations: respect for what the Catalan people and institutions have decided”, such as the vote in favor of establishing Catalonia as an independent state in the form of a republic and “the declaration of independence on October 27, by means of a resolution that Parliament has never repealed,” reports Efe.

Consequently, this body, meeting in person on April 8 and 9 “in Catalunya Nord” -southern France- argues that “The forces that voted for the declaration of independence continue to be politically linked to that decision”which is why it states: “Respect for Parliament requires that whoever wants to disassociate himself from it does so by means of an equivalent parliamentary act.”

In a political context marked by the ERC’s commitment to the so-called Dialogue Table, which the republican formation requested in March to have a clear methodology and a calendar of meetings that can be met, the Consell per la República Catalana emphasizes, on the contrary , what “The Spanish State is not willing to dialogue or negotiate any of the conditions that have been proposed to resolve the conflict”.

“After more than four years of repression, none of the attempts to open paths in this direction has meant any progress. All the accumulated evidence confirms the failure,” he stresses, while claiming that the social, political and institutional unity of sovereignty in Catalonia has made it possible to reach the highest levels in the exercise of the right to self-determination.

“strategic consensus”

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For this reason, this para-institutional entity ensures that it continues to work to maintain the “strategic consensus” between sovereign parties and entities “to complete the independence process.”

This entity also indicates that it has verified “that the discrepancy between some of the actors on the validity of the 1-O mandate has prevented the efforts to reach this consensus from being successful.” However, these difficulties “do not stop the efforts of the Consell” to make possible the return to the independence consensus, he adds.

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