The conflict between Morocco and Algeria forces the closure of the Maghreb gas pipeline, one of which brings gas to Spain

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Although the supply of Algerian gas to Spain is guaranteed, it is not good news that relations between the two Maghreb countries, Algeria and Morocco, have not come to fruition. From October 31, Algeria will close the tap of the gas pipeline that passes through Alawite territory until it reaches the Spanish coasts, as it has just published the french economic newspaper The echoes.

Reconciliation has not been possible despite the visit of the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, and the presidents of Naturgy and Enagas, Francisco Reynés and Antonio Llardén, respectively, to the Algerian capital.

In turn, on that same date, Naturgy, until now in charge of the operation and maintenance (O&M) of that tube, will return management to the Moroccan government.

With this situation, the Algerian gas will arrive only for Medgaz, the gas pipeline that leaves directly from its country of origin to the coast of Cádiz. At the moment, its capacity is 8 bcm but it is expected to expand to 10 bcm by the end of the year. With him Maghreb gas pipeline, all these years amounted to 11 bcm.

“What is missing could arrive by ship, by LNG,” explain sources from the gas sector. The problem is not whether there are supply problems, but the geopolitical consequences it could have.

“Morocco will run out of gas for its combined cycle plants and factories, and neither will gas reach Portugal, as it was the Maghreb gas pipeline that connected it with Algeria.”

There is no doubt that this is not the best news in a context of gas prices triggered by international tensions in Russia, China and the US.

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