The Confessions of Juan Carlos I to Carlos Herrera: The King Emeritus Appears Thinner

  • He has been out of Spain since August 2020 when he went to the United Arab Emirates to try to alleviate the wear and tear on his son, Felipe VI.

Juan Carlos I reappeared this Monday a picture what was taken Charles Herrera. The Cope chain journalist traveled to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, over the weekend where he had a meeting with the emeritus king. “He kindly gave me a few minutes of his time, he gave me the confidence to give me a chat and I thanked him and I thanked him, as always & rdquor;” the broadcaster explained.

The image shows an emeritus king in good health, and who has even lost weight. “How did I find King Juan Carlos? (…) Lots slimmer and naturally looks incredibly healthy. The health condition of Juan Carlos de Borbón is just as desirable as that of a person of his age. It seems like I have not seen it in a long time & rdquor ;, says Herrera.

Juan Carlos I currently lives in a residence he left for himself on one of the country’s islands, where he enjoys security and discretionin addition to “good weather and excellent health care”.

Step on Spain again?

Juan Carlos I, who is aware of the separation of his daughter Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin, also spoke to Herrera about whether there are any chances he will return to Spain once his legal problems are resolved. “The million dollar question: if you were with King Juan Carlos, I would tell him when he was going to come to Spain. Let’s see, when you’re with a head of state who’s been head of state for 40 years, you can ask the right questions. But when you speak, the subject naturally comes to mind. The answer remains with the same letter he used to explain when he left Spain. ‘Waiting for the right circumstances to come together to travel to Spain, which I look forward to. What are the appropriate circumstances? Those who create no instability to the institution of his son Felipe VI, with whom he is in contact. Sooner or later it will happen and it may happen that he comes to Spain, stays as long as he sees fit, returns or walks more …He is a retiree, he can do what he sees fit & rdquor ;.

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The emeritus, of course, has already assumed that he will not be able to re-install himself in the country. As EL PERIÓDICO published in October, his wish is to spend a few “seasons” in Spain and he has already come to the conclusion that it can never last until he stays. Your address will always be outside. For now, in the United Arab Emirates.

He also did not set a date for that first visit to Spain nor did he convey to the Government or to his son his wish that this should take place in the coming weeks. For the return, especially the first, will be prepared down to the finest detail: how it is communicated to the citizens, where it resides, the reason or excuse for it to take place. But for now there is none of that, insisting on sources close to Juan Carlos I and government ministers who are obliged to be aware of this possible operation.

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