Four months before the next territorial elections, Corsica is experiencing a resurgence of political tension, marked by a verbal outcry by the nationalist leaders against the“Colonial state”. The intrusion into the Ajaccio prefecture for a few hours, Monday, February 22, of about twenty “Young patriots” to protest against the penal status of Alain Ferrandi and Pierre Alessandri, two of the members of the Erignac commando sentenced to life imprisonment for the assassination of the prefect of Corsica in 1998, and their muscular evacuation by the police bear witness to the hardening of this pre-campaign.

The nationalist coalition at the helm of the Collectivité de Corse (CdC) has fragmented under the test of power, while its record is the subject of severe criticism and accusations of “Clanism”.

Also, the report of the regional chamber of accounts of Corsica on the exercise by the community of its competence in the matter of rail transport – not yet made public but of which The world has taken cognizance – does it risk copiously feeding the debates of the Corsican Assembly meeting in plenary session on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 February in Ajaccio.

This is a real indictment that the institution makes in its report of final observations. These are overwhelming for the CdC and its executive, chaired since December 2015 by nationalist Gilles Simeoni. The latter, however, implicates the auditor who conducted this control. He mentions, in a letter sent on February 3 to the president of the chamber, “A form of systematic mistrust, even partiality” on behalf of the magistrate and issues “The most express reservations” on its findings. “I absolutely want to point out my argued disagreement with many of the report’s assertions”, wrote the chairman of the executive board, recalling “The calendar, budgetary and organizational constraints which had to be faced between 2016 and 2020”.

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Since 2002, the Territorial Collectivity of Corsica, which became Collectivity of Corsica (CdC) on 1er January 2018, is the owner of island rail infrastructures, and responsible for their maintenance and modernization. The Corsican rail network, not electrified, is 232 kilometers long, has sixteen stations and sixty stops. The fourteen railcars in service carry around 3,300 passengers per day. The community has full control over rail policy.

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