The COE cancels the candidacy of Catalonia and Aragon for the 2030 Winter Games

The Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) will officially communicate this Tuesday that it has given up organizing the 2030 Winter Olympics due to the lack of understanding on the part of the autonomous governments of Barcelona and Zaragoza. This Tuesday the photo that the COE wants to show is that of its president, Alexander White with his relatives by his side at the organization’s headquarters, but without any member of the Government of Javier Lamban nor of Pere Aragonès to show the disunity of both institutions that has led to the failure of the Pyrenean Olympic project.

government sources of Madrid confirmed the cancellation of the project although they have left it to the COE itself to report the details of the failure. The COE has never been in favor of a single community carrying out the Olympic candidacy since he wanted to offer it to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as a project of Pyrenees joint unit beyond languages ​​and political differences, something that has not been possible, with the Government of Zaragoza accusing the Generalitat and vice versa.


The Generalitat, in any case, does not renounce the project that now, given the difficulties and the official decision not to opt for these Games, would be relegated to the next Olympic event, in 2034 instead of 2030 with much more time to prepare the entire project effectively.

Therefore, the decision made is already firm. Lambán, president of Aragón, has always defended that the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchezhad promised him an equal Games between Catalonia and his community, while from the Generalitat they have repeated that Aragón has never been in favor of reaching a definitive agreement for issues politicians and electoralists.

The reactions

So it was not surprising that this Monday the first political reaction against the cancellation of the candidacy came from Junts per Catalunya. Your spokesperson, Joseph Riusreports Fidel Masreal, blamed Madrid and the Aragonese president for the lack of agreement. “We regret the decision of the COE not to present a candidacy for the Games, something that has been based more on political criteria than technical ones. Once again it has not served that the Minister of Sports is Catalan – alluding to miquel iceta-. Spain has failed us again”. The ERC spokeswoman expressed herself in a similar way Martha Vilaltawho accused the minister ice cream to play the game Lambán”. “We, on the other hand, work to take advantage of all the opportunities for the country and the territory” .

parked project

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On the opposite side, Jessica Albiach, president of the En Comú Podem parliamentary group in Parliament, welcomed the fact that the Olympic project was shelved. The Comuns had always been against the candidacy for the 2030 Games. “The Winter Games have always been the chronicle of a failure announced. Now the opportunity is opening for a new investment plan for the Pyrenees and a new future economic model for Catalonia that abandons failed macro projects. We have to work from now” Indian Albiach.

Now it remains to be seen what the final decision of the Generalitat will be, which will possibly wait for the COE to make the cancellation of the project public this Tuesday. Last week, Laura Vilagrà, ‘consellera’ of the Presidency announced that Catalonia was working intensely on an exclusive Catalan Olympic project, something that is not contemplated by the political and sports establishments in Madrid. This definitive cancellation comes after 11 months of constant blockade and without having found a light at the end of the tunnel.

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