The co-responsible

I recently heard someone say that those who were infected with Covid-19 were irresponsible. The comment made me a bit harsh, especially because I know people who have been infected without even leaving their home. However, what that reflected is part of a social feeling that grows along with the number of infections.

This is how the co-responsible appeared in the world. They took life together with the division that the virus brought to the world and that is here to stay.

Because just as it began by dividing us between rich and poor, it ended up dividing us between good and bad, and that somehow tunes the strings of the violins that announce the entrance, to the prelude to the most difficult symphonies in history.

The music can already be heard in the distance.

The rhythm that follows is on the rise and contains the bars of a growing social stigma that has enough mutations to embed in our lungs, and make us breathe the air differently, in a post-Christmas time where every day the records of infections throughout the globe.

This is 2022 and what happens makes me think that maybe this year has so many numbers twos, because there are two sides in the neighborhood that we call the world, which come to life depending on the glass you look at, and like Covid-19 It is something that is not wanted, the one who becomes infected moves away from what is socially acceptable, and becomes co-responsible.

There is a punishment that is associated with fear.

We are in a scenario where sneezing is the new terrorist act. While living as it was in 2019, has become a symbol of the irresponsible.

The bad thing is that even if it is avoided, the virus knocks on the door of your house many times and enters without announcing. Staying healthy has become a combination of habit and luck. To say the least, and not go into the metaphysical dimension.

On the other hand, there is another group of co-responsible that is acquiring enough strength to shake the world and especially Europe. The protests in France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom related to the anti-vaccine movements, have become symbols of the opposing visions of what freedom is, of how far we are from the conception of a common good and what it is socially acceptable and what not.

A path shared by the protests in Australia and the United States. Placing the moral burden on what is due and what is not, and what is not, is part of the universe of co-responsibility.

This is how the virus has evolved. Good and evil are present, and divisions are in the air. While the bells of fear ring, they move with sneezes.

What will happen when the virus makes us all co-responsible? Will we continue to be divided between good and bad?

The last one out, turn off the light.

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Stephanie Henaro

Professor of Geopolitics

The last to leave turn off the light

Mexican analyst and commentator. He studied for a degree in international relations at the Tecnológico de Monterrey CCM and at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris (Sciences-Po). He has a specialty in Russian foreign policy from MGIMO Moscow and a master’s degree in Geopolitics, Territory and Security from King’s College London University in England.

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