The clinical trial of the Hipra anticovid vaccine begins in immunocompromised patients

The project RBDCOV clinical trial has started third phase of the covid vaccine for immunosuppressed people, a trial is led by the pharmaceutical company Hipra. The trial will determine if an additional dose of the vaccine can generate an immune response in people who suffer from immune system disorders, such as immunodeficiencies or who are receiving immunosuppressive treatments. That is why they will look for whether the vaccine can reactivate or generate a new immune response against the virus. Some 400 people from three hospitals in Spain and another three from Turkey will participate in this trial. One of the participating centers is the IDIBGI that will administer the vaccine to a hundred people at the Josep Trueta hospital in Girona.

On May 9, the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) authorized the third phase of the clinical trial of the HIPRA vaccine against covid in cases of immunocompromised people. They are patients who have immunodeficiencies such as people with HIV, who have received a kidney transplant or suffering from kidney disease. Also included are patients on dialysis programs or receiving treatment with Rituximab (a medicine used to treat autoimmune diseases).

European initiatives

The trial is led by the pharmaceutical company Hipra and is carried out within the RBDCOV projectfinanced with European funds and includes clinical studies with children and adolescents. In fact, this project is one of the 11 selected to strengthen the clinical trials of the new vaccine to create links with other European initiatives.

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Some 400 volunteers from six health centers will participate in this clinical trial. In Catalonia, the IDIBGI will participate in the trial and will administer a dose of the vaccine to a hundred volunteers at the Josep Trueta hospital in Girona. Shortly the selected people will be summoned to administer the vaccine.

In parallel, Hipra maintains the hope of receiving authorization from commercialization of the vaccine soon and that is why the company is already prepared at the production level to have the vaccine available in a few days.

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