The city of Mariupol, before and after the Russian bombing

The bombing of the Russian Army in the city of Mariupol are causing a large scale devastation in this southern city Ukraine, as the photographs published these days show. But the satellite images released by the private company Maxar Technologies, about the before and after attacks, show the true magnitude of the damage to infrastructure and civil buildings in this city.

The bombs dropped by Russia have affected single family homes and apartment buildings. According to the balance of the Mariupol municipal authorities, some 1,300 inhabitants have died in the attacks since the beginning of the invasion two weeks ago. In addition, the person in charge of the office of the Red Cross in Mariupol, Sasha Volkov, reported this Thursday that the population is no electricity, water or foodnot even for children.

We’re starting to fall sick, several of us, because of the humidity and the cold. We try to maintain minimal hygiene, but it is not always possible,” Volkov said in an audio released by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Images released by Maxar Technologies also show shopping areas completely destroyed by bombing. According to this humanitarian worker’s account, pharmacies and stores were looted “four or five days ago” and some people have started “to attack each other for food” or “gasoline”.

Attempts to get civilians out of the city through humanitarian corridors they have failed due to attacks by Russian forces, which have violated the temporary ceasefire essential for this type of operation.

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Mariupol, which had 500,000 inhabitants Before the invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin began, it is one of the cities that is suffering the most from attacks and siege by Russian troops.

The attack on the city’s maternal and child hospital last Wednesday, in which two children and one adult died and 17 people were injured, has been reviled by the international community. This Thursday, the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, described it as a “heinous war crime” and urged Moscow to immediately cease “air strikes on residential areas and blocking the access of humanitarian aid convoys “.

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