strike in the transport sector, due to rising fuel prices, It has been causing stoppages throughout the country for several days. Carriers demand measures from the government to mitigate the effects of the rise caused by the war in Ukraine through a stoppage of activity that is causing incidents for workers who have decided not to support. The price of gasoline reaches its historical maximum and, if for car drivers it means a significant sacrifice in the family economy, for carriers the expense is multiplied and makes the profitability of the business unsustainable

The deposit of a truck It has 800 liters of fuel, if the diesel is around two euros, the freight or the movement of goods exempts any type of benefit, which also evaporates between salaries, Social Security, maintenance and other expenses that involve the movement of the truck. Thus, carriers have decided to cease their activity indefinitely until a solution is found to the problem, so that non-payments, dismissals and the bankruptcy of many companies in the sector do not occur.

The food industry requires road transport for the distribution of products throughout the country; with milk and its derivatives as perishable products, the dairy industry, which represents 2% of the country’s industrial production, around 9,500 million euroshas been forced to cease its activity due to the shortage of products that prevent you from making the foodstuffs that are later distributed to supermarkets.

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The National Federation of Dairy Industries (Fenil) has announced that 95% of national production has been paralyzed due to the cessation of merchandise. Dairy products are highly perishable, so a stoppage in supply shipments could mean millionaire losses for companies in this sector. In addition, these products are considered basic goods, so they are necessary and of first order for human consumption. According to Fenil, this break “is having consequences social, economic and environmental unavoidable”, since it will mean the suspension of the collection of milk in livestock farms from tomorrow. Fenil has stressed that this decision will only be reversed “if the right to mobility and the safety of carriers who have not supported the strike”.

LThe unions have not officially supported this strikeso the stoppages are being established irregularly throughout the territory, however, there are numerous associations of carriers that have established the stoppage autonomously. The strike will continue indefinitely until the price of fuels is established, regulated or intervened.

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