The Cercle asks Sánchez for unity of reformist action between the PSOE and the PP

The president of Circle of Economy, Javier Faushas claimed before the President of the Government Pedro Sanchez“unity of action” between the PSOE and the PP. In his closing speech at the Gathered Cercle d’Economia in Barcelona, ​​Faus has insisted on the need to state pacts to safeguard the social peaceas established in the entity’s opinion note published before the conference that ends this Friday.

Faus, who has praised the figure of the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyenwhich receives the award for European construction awarded by the Cercle, has criticized the paralysis of the reformist path in recent years, which has slowed convergence with the leading EU countries.

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“Reversing the situation is not impossible. Germany or the Baltic countries have done it,” he assured. One of the ways, he has said, is to bet and for the education. The objective, he has added, has to be “to create higher quality employment and higher wages”, he has sentenced before Sánchez and an auditorium in which Von der Leyen and the ‘president’ Pere Aragonès.

Faus has insisted, as he has done before the leader of the PP, Alberto Nunez Feijooin which the reforms “cannot be achieved without the action unit” between the two main parties in the country. “That does not mean ending the alternation. But there will only be successful reforms if there are successful agreements”, he said. And that, he added, is essential at a “delicate and complex moment” in which decisions will be essential for the future.

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