The CCMA takes over from the directors and news managers of TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio

Among the requirements, more than five years of managerial or management experience in the media, companies in the audiovisual sector or creative industries are requested

The Council of Government of the Catalan Corporation of Media Audiovisuals (CCMA) has dismissed this Wednesday the current directors of TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio, Vicent Sanchis and Saül Gordillo, respectively, as planned, after calling the public process to replace them. The news chiefs of TVC, David Bassa, and of Catalunya Ràdio, Francesc Cano, who were new functions have been assigned to them.

The Consell de Govern of the CCMA has published the bases for the announcement of the public procedure for the selection of candidates for the positions of director of TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio, the entity has informed in a statement.

These bases regulate that, for the first time, the designation of the people in charge of the directorates of the Catalan public radio and television is the result of a public and open selection processas provided by the CCMA law in the last modification of 2019.

The announcement opens with the publication of the bases and the period for submitting applications will be open until June 13 at 2:00 p.m., and the procedure must be resolved before September 30.

Certified the dismissal of Sanchis and Gordillo, the CCMA has stated “gratitude for his work and for the impulse given in his stage of direction”.

“With the desire to advance in the transformation of the Corporation to adapt it to the digital paradigm shift, the new media directors will have to assume the global objective of reinforcing the public service missions based on a management project that encompasses the challenges and current and future needs, as producers of quality content and multi-platform disseminators of this content”, the entity has indicated.


In the bases of the procedure, the requirements and the profile that is requested of the candidatesof which professional merits and managerial or managerial experience in the media, companies in the audiovisual sector or creative industries stand out.

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Also required is a project as a strategic model proposal and objectives for the organization, management and action of the environment, innovation and digital transformation. Also, they are requested more than five years of managerial experience or media management, companies in the audiovisual sector or creative industries.

For the evaluation of the proposals presented, the Council of Government of the CCMA will equip itself with a Valuation Commission made up of six independent people of recognized prestige in the audiovisual sector, chosen unanimously by the Council, and who, as a measure to protect their independence and confidentiality, will not be made public until the resolution of the selection procedure.

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