The Catalan volcano, by Carles Francino

These weeks with all the mess on La Palma we have learned that the word tremor It has a meaning in the volcanological lexicon that defines the circulation of fluids through the subsoil, be it magma, gases, water or ashes, which cause tremors on the surface. It doesn’t seem like a bad metaphor to describe the connection (or is it disconnection?) Between our two countries: urban and rural. The other day, in ‘Aqui amb Josep Cuní’, we talked about small towns that no longer have bank branches, not even an ATM. The school or the health center already lost them long ago. And of the much vaunted technological revolution; Internet connection and telephone coverage, let’s say I have seen them faster. Too much accumulated grievance to just swallow a new bill: that of the energy transition. So be careful. That renewable energies need space is an incontestable reality, but it will be necessary to work very fine to avoid generating social fires that can get out of control; That is why the decree approved by the Generalitat, if we were to place it on a chessboard, we would say that it is a defensive move. The conditions to install renewable parks are hardened, the complicity of the neighbors is called upon as a requirement, but let no one be fooled: decisions will have to be made. And some will be unpopular. It will then be the turn of pedagogy.

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