The Catalan right will be renamed in January

  • Àngels Chacón will try for the umpteenth time to unify the post-convergent space without setting independence as a condition

Convergence she lasted 42 years together. From then on, the process of fragmentation and re-foundations has undergone constant acceleration. Next January, a new attempt to re-float and reunify the sovereignist center-right. Under the impulse of PDECat (the successor party to CDC) and the leadership of the ‘former councilor’ Chacón Angels, a new party will be launched that will try to revive a political space that is currently low.

As EL PERIÓDICO advanced, the new formation will not be a sum of parties, but it will try to nourish itself with the current militants of the PDECat –which will remain alive but only formally– and from other even more residual parties such as Free, the Democratic League Y Convergents, just like him Nationalist Party of Catalonia. Each of these brands has tried, obviously unsuccessfully, to take over from Convergència.

But it is clear that today, historic convergent voters have migrated to fishing grounds such as Together for Catalonia, ERC, the PSC o la abstention. It is well known in this space that the constant change of name and alliances (from CDC to PDECat, going through Democracy and Freedom, Together for the “yes, Together for Catalonia, etc) has disoriented the militants. In addition, the PDECat has been left out of Parliament and only has four deputies in Congress and, yes, a relevant municipal power, besieged by former travel companions who are now grouped in JxCat under the figure of the ‘expresident’ Carles Puigdemont.

To the center and to the right

The new party will try to focus its message on what unites all these small groups: the ideological center and the right. That is, the rejection of progressive policies, the support for the private initiative in education and health, the defense of business interests and a critical approach to certain ecological postulates. Chacón outlined the program of the future organization in a conference last November, in which the main public faces came from the old Convergència and the business world.

The new formation will be nourished by militants of the PDECat, Lliures, Lliga Democràtica and Convergents

Regarding the sovereignty issue, the lowest common denominator between these sectors will be that of not renouncing the maximum levels of self-government for Catalunya. An approach open enough to embrace, at the same time, citizens clearly opposed to independence, as is the case of the leader of Lliures and ‘ex-minister’ Antoni Fernández Teixidó, already independentistas that have not stopped being it formally, like the own Chacón. The ‘ex-councilwoman’, however, also left the door open to a Constitutional reform to increase the levels of Catalan self-government as an alternative to secession.

When it comes to running for elections, this new brand could take advantage of the electoral rights of PDECat, which would allow him to have free spaces for electoral propaganda. This would oblige the formation to legally concur in the form of a coalition with the PDECat. An end that is not yet closed.

Pascal as a symptom

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The great challenge of this space is simply survival. The degree of atomization and personalities experienced by the post-convergence has not stopped growing. One of the examples is that of Marta Pascal. In four years he has led the convergent youths (assuming, therefore, pactist sovereignty), he has directed the post-convergence of the hand of Puigdemont and Artur Mas, has accompanied the ‘process’ leaders on the way to the referendum and the proclamation of independence (manifesting its internal opposition at certain times), has been ousted by Puigdemont, has founded a new party (which obtained a ridiculous result with a speech highly critical of the unilateralism it practiced), and now refuse to be part of an attempt at post-convergent regrouping.

Perhaps for this reason, the intention of the new political actor is to avoid appearing associated with certain proper names – except that of Chacón Angels– in search, for the umpteenth time, of survival.

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