The Catalan anti-eviction law opens the door to thousands of social rentals

  • The PAH, promoter of the norm, celebrates its approval and points out that in the next few days 4,000 families they will be able to not only avoid losing their home, but gain the peace of mind of signing a rental agreement

  • The ‘comuns’ point out that it would be “unjustifiable” for the PSOE to now refuse to include these protective measures for vulnerable families on the future housing law after the vote in favor of the PSC to the Catalan law

On Wednesday afternoon they were in the Parliament, celebrating with their green t-shirts and the euphoria that the moment required the approval of the disputed Catalan anti-eviction law, and hours later, this Thursday before nine in the morning, they continued with their daily battle, concentrated with those same t-shirts in front of the 222 of the Paseo de la Zona Franca, in Barcelona, to stop the eviction of a family, something they finally achieved. double joy. The urgent measures law to deal with the housing emergency that Pere Aragones had promised to PAHs that it would be the first that he would approve after winning the elections a year ago, was finally approved this Wednesdayafter much struggle for the initial text, promoted by the PAH itself, side by side with other housing defense entities, was not “mutilated”.

The law approved this Wednesday recovers measures such as large owners are obliged to make social rents to vulnerable familiesas set by the law 17/2019, partially suspended by constitutional Court due to a defect in form. The text also states the definition of great owners -possessors of more than 10 homes in the case of a company, and 15 in the case of a natural person- and collects measures such as the expropriation of flats that have more than two empty years “unjustifiably”.

According to the figures available to the PAH, 80% of the evictions that are taking place in Catalonia are from great owners, with which all those families could benefit from the norm. “Only in the next few days, some 4,000 families could sign a social rental contract on the flat where they live currently threatened with eviction,” he says happily, Lucia Delgado, spokesperson for the group, who stresses that “the important thing now is roll out the law ASAP and sign these contracts“.

From the PAH they also have their sights set on Madrid, in the approval of a state Housing law that shields the new Catalan norm.

state armor

The Councilor for Housing of the Barcelona City Council, Lucía Martín also points there. “The catalan law has to have a armor in state law. An endorsement. And the fact that the PSC has finally voted in favor of this law in Catalonia would make it unjustifiable for it to refuse to collect these protection measures for vulnerable families in the future Housing Law“, Add Martin.

According to figures from the Barcelona City Council, half of the owners of the flats of families at risk of losing their homes in the Catalan capital are legal entities -that is, they would enter the mandatory social rent– and the other 50% are Physical persons (among which there are small and large owners). In total numbers, in the 2021only in Barcelona, 2,267 families were handled by the anti-eviction unit.

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“The law approved this Wednesday is very important because once again it puts on the table an essential element, which is the co-responsibility of the large owners because it is impossible to deal with the emergency without that co-responsibility”, points out Martín, who points out the importance of this law having been promoted by the organized citizenship.

The approval comes the same week that the state government has approved the extension of the moratorium on evictions until autumn and in a context in which the housing emergency tables do not stop growing. Only in Barcelona the lThe waiting list for a social flat is already almost 700 people, some of which, those who are still in the apartment of which they have an eviction order, will also be able to take advantage of the new law.

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